Did You Ever Get the Girl You Wanted in High School?

you know the one. HER. SHE. tell us a bit about her.

i’m a no on this. she was a pianist and a singer, a girl with average looks, but really special. lol. its all about whats underneath. we talked late on AIM a few times about life and things i cant even remember. an offbeat girl that wasnt actually offbeat, still in the ‘normal’ category range. she was also adopted.

i saw her last month at the rocky horror picture show, but i didnt talk to her because i was seething with hate for the world. she had a look on her like 'oh, he doesnt remember me… or why is he ignoring me?". i could have talked to her, but i was just so angry that night.

and so now i’m sitting here thinking about her, watching her singing on youtube lol.

edit: i wanted this to be a poll =(

Nope i didnt. It was a girl i worked with though during highschool. She went to a different school.

First off, awesome thread idea.
I guess I would say that I didn’t, although I dated a lot and am actively in a long term relationship with a much better girl that started in high school.
Had a crush freshman year that went through junior year, asked her out a few times, all failed of course. I’m glad it didn’t work out though, because if it had i’m sure I would have been bored, and I wouldn’t have met my active partner, who is terrific. :slight_smile:
I’ve sort of had 2 really heavy duty crushes in high school though, and the other one was ABOUT to work out, but the night after said girl and I decided we wanted to be together, some other guy who she had liked for a while basically stepped in and stole her away. She actually tried getting me “back” 9 months and a year later, but I was in my current relationship then and didn’t want to take the chance with her. This girl had it all though, the most compatible music taste of anyone I’ve ever known, the looks, the smarts, you name it. So… yeah. My answer is no, and although that answer could have been a yes based on my decisions, I’m actually glad that it’s still a no. :smiley:

Sorry for the tl;dr.

yeah, we’re married now with a kid


/fg reference.

haha only in high shcool would anyone care about that. Back in the day when your taste in music determined who your friends were and shit…haha

… i just dumped ALL MY FRIENDS for that very reason.

music is the soundtrack to your life.

they just didnt see the world the way i did.


I feel like in college I won’t be friends with kids with shitty taste in music either though… I don’t really know yet though, I just graduated.

I give you an A+. Also mad props to the guy livin the dream, married w/ a kid with THE ONE.

There wasn’t a “The Girl” when I was in high school. I did however date a few chicks that a lot of people wanted to fuck. The prom king and queen who were obviously chosen by a popularity vote weren’t what you’d expect. Not only that, but they had people that they were dating. Our prom king was a drum major. I thought history taught us that he was supposed to be the quaterback. Our prom queen was… hell, I can’t even remember what she was. I think she was the head of some club or some shit like that. There were to many foine girls at my school for anyone to be worried about just one. Then again, I went to an inner city public school, so that’s probably why we didn’t have “the girl”. Because if we did, the other chicks would have beat her ass and she wouldn’t be pretty no more for thinking that she’s to cute.

Lol our prom king was a stoner and queen was his obese (not trying to be mean, just accurate) girlfriend. I believe the votes were heavily rigged by his friends however. Still amusing.

Yeah I got the girl I wanted in high school.

After I got her though, I wanted to get away from her. Such is life.


nope. but after high school was a different story.

No. There was about…2 or 3 of them that I really liked. I’m not gonna list names, but I can indeed post a picture or two if yall want. One of them I liked since day one I got there. She was sorta big, but still cute etc. Basically, anyone who saw us knew damn well we were into each other. Buuuuuut, this stuck up bitch wanted to be popular,and my monkey ass (who was a member of the anime club, and one of the most noted gamers in the school) was not popular enough for her, so she played it off. I think it was about…one or two days before she was moving to another city where I finally caught her ass after school and got it out of her(we talked after school before, but it was never about this). Thats when she told me she did like me but she wanted to be popular and all that shit. So I gave that girl the deuces and let her leave.

The second girl was pretty damn awesome. She was cute, played softball, and damn smart, and better yet, she wasn’t a conceited piece of shit! But, unfortunately for me, she had a boyfriend…who was in college…

got her, had fun for a year then broke up a few months after graduation lol

puppy love w00t

there were a couple. the first fell off by senior year so I said “Fuggit” and found the next girl available. things didn’t go too far with her tho I’ll admit.

the other turned me down cuz she had a boyfriend (LAME) but she ended up marryin’ the dude and poppin’ out a couple babies less thna a year later. BULLETS HAVE BEEN DODGED.

and on music: it doesn’t determine my friends, but it does factor into ppl I’m closest too sometimes. and yea, I once got with a girl bc of our tastes in music. she also had a HUGE ass which was a very nice bonus.

so yea, boobies.

Well there was this girl, (white girl) i had crush on since 8th grade…Thing is my friend had a crush on her too. He was totally in love with her…He ended up asking her out but was denied freshman year. I never ask her out myself cuz im pretty loyal to my friend & all plus i was bit shy. Well during sophomore year, i still had the hots for her, one day i just got done getting my school lunch & she was like can i have some tater tots, i was like sure help yourself. She grabs a few & then pinches my ass then giggles & runs off to her friends. I really didn’t know how to react with that, wasn’t sure if she was playing games or if she liked me. She was one of the popular girls, i think she even went on Star Search as a dancer. I never pursued her though because of my friend who i dont even remember his name now hahaha. i think his name was Bruce or some shit like that.

So i never got the girl but she did pinch my ass…

No. She spoke Chinese.

I don’t speak Chinese.

Our prom queen wasn’t even female.


I’m with this guy.

Anyways, no. I can never get into the whole “blind love in high school” thing. Unfortunately it made my years there boring. Didn’t even go to prom.

Was acquainted with a lot of cool people though.

Dude, I don’t have pics of a girl I hooked up with 12 years ago.