Did you know about the release of Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator?


This game just came out and the site that’s supposed to be universal for fighting games has not given a single announcement on it. Every other game has articles on the front page. You wouldn’t even know this game came out if it was up to them.

Someone sees Guilty Gear as a threat to Street Fighter V IMO. There’s no news on it on other sites as well (like eventhubs). SFV was spit out on every site when it released. All of the things like lupe Fiasco vs Daigo, down to IGN doing silly matches with some other SF players. They don’t even have it in the main “coming soon” release area. Something is seriously up.


You mean the semi sequel that must be paid full retail price for again is some huge threat to SFV? I guess.

The game is being hosted at Evo, but yup, huge red flag that Evo and Capcom are working together to shun the game.


I agree. They’re most likely doing this because they don’t want people to know that Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- is superior to it in every way.


GGXrdR being a threat to SFV? Don’t be silly.

And actually, Eventhubs did make an article for GGXrdR’s release in North America; eventhubs.com/news/2016/jun/07/guilty-gear-xrd-revelator-now-available-north-america-dizzy-joins-fray/


They can pay off/threaten sites, but they can’t doing nothing with the players. I’m on a mission for a few days to handle this nonsense.


Capcom should focus on their mess of an unfinished game.


Aw shit. The Illuminati is in play.


We’re not affiliated nor receiving any direction from Capcom in any shape of form.

Reason we get so much focus on Street Fighter V is because, Street Fighter V content is the one that tends to have the greatest number of readers. While I can’t recall the exact numbers right now, I can say that an overwhelming number of our readers on the front page are there just for Street Fighter V content. The game that’s second to it isn’t even in any way close. More importantly, it isn’t even Revelator (it’s the King of Fighters XIV). That said, we’ve actually had a steady stream of Revelator related content, including several bits regarding strategy and getting better at the game.


So that must explain why KOF XIV won’t be playable at EVO this year, because Capcom’s scared.

They probably know that once people see the load amount of characters & content from it, that people will immediately move on over to it & ignore SF V entirely, LOL.


Sometimes I wonder if the processes that go on in other peoples’ minds can actually be called “thought.” Threads like this suggest the answer is “no.”


OR SNK Playmore just decided for some reason not to bring it to Evo. Or they’re working to bring it there and haven’t ironed out the details with Evo staff.

Can’t assume one without the other without wearing a tin foil hat.


You know about the existence of Dustloop right? I always just assumed that this site was more focused on Capcom games. Maybe I’m wrong though…


Yes, Capcom is scared of SNK. Because if there’s one thing history’s taught us, it’s that SNK is a true business juggernaut that always makes wise decisions and KoF XIV has wide mass-market appeal compared to Street Fighter.

Or maybe, just maybe, Street Fighter is the largest fighting game franchise by a pretty wide margin, whereas anime games are fairly niche by comparison? I love KI and Skullgirls, but you don’t see me coming up with conspiracy theories about Nintendo buying the industry as to why they don’t get as much coverage as Pokken or Smash. The brands aren’t as large.

Also, I feel this would be the perfect place for some kind of Itagaki hates Tekken joke, but I’m not very funny so I’ll leave it to someone else.


I think ur funny ( T_T)\(^-^ )


Nobody is trying to hide Revelator it’s just not that popular for several reasons.

  • Competitive scene in America is healthier than ever, but it won’t explode because people who are playing to get money don’t like being free to/months behind the Japanese.

  • It’ll never go mainstream because anime aesthetic turns lots of people off, no english dub for the cheesy-ass story mode means you can’t even show it to your friends to get them to give a shit about the characters because fuck all that reading.

  • Even among the fans it has, it’s a technically demanding game that doesn’t deal well with lag. Gotta know what you’re doing in the first place to git gud via netplay, and thanks to the aforementioned factors good luck finding a local scene unless you live right next to a weekly/monthly.

  • Revelator added characters but wasn’t a rebalance. Not a bad thing since the game was fine, but also makes lab monsters who don’t care about the new characters be like “why bother paying $60 for blitz shield changes and throw break”

  • Dustloop is kind of dead. Every character board is barren or damn close to it because the first topic made is “wheres the line/discord/skype group for this character at”. Like why bother having a character forum if yall are just going to post offsite? Some haven’t been posted in for months, and it’s a new game out RIGHT NOW. So where do you go to talk GG, really?

I love GG, and between Jam and Raven I think I finally have characters to make up for the hole in my heart Order-Sol left, but it’s a niche game for a reason.


The tinfoil hat is tight on this one.


Stop. I’ve been in this community for a long time. There’s nothing new under the Sun. There will be no playing coy here sir.


I’m just gonna grab my milky tea and enjoy this conspiracy topic.


Illuminati 2 stronk


Just like Nintendo, living off of a IP’s name won’t save them. SRK isn’t the only place to get info out, but it is kinda like a meeting-ground. Twitter, Twitch, Facebook etc. can cover some real ground. If they think they’re going sweep this under the rug, well I got news for them. I’m just getting started. Trying to stop the progress of a quality product because they couldn’t make a complete package themselves WITH financial backing. How pathetic. People can joke about it, but I’m serious. This taking sides action isn’t cool at all. I’ve started with SF and still play it, but it just doesn’t break “tradition” and sometimes traditions can get tiring.