Did you know about the release of Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator?


Hecatom is just an insecure little bitch who gets by by calling everyone else’s opinions “stupid shit” and what have you :how_interesting:


Hecatom knows me enough that he ought to expect me to call him out on that bullshit.

Plethora of mafia games don’t lie son.


It’s not as much a battle of gameplay engines and mechanics as it is some blatant displays of hypocrisy in this thread.

I find it mind boggling how some people justify ArcSys’ blatant cash-grab practices hiding behind the game’s quality while ArcSys literally reaches out into their pockets every year or so while everyone keeps jacking off to their games. How is this NOT the definition of an oblivious fanboy and yet they feel that they’re ABOVE the rest of the “Capcom drones who buy the same SF game every year and drop millions in DLC”? GTFO with that logic.

By far the STUPIDEST thing I’ve read in this topic was the whole “OH WUT YOU GOT NO MONEY? THEN DON’T BUY THE GAME SCRUB LOLOLOLOL”. Like seriously, WTF? We elite now all up in this bitch?

I really have nothing against Revelator, it does look like a sweet game and it has some pretty nice additions. MY concern is that I don’t want to buy this game next year and then be like “GG Xrd Accelerator coming this summer!” and then drop Revelator like a bad habit. If Capcom had released this game AS IT IS without changing ANYTHING under their banner, don’t tell me there would be 172383293902010 angry fuckers spitting out the same old shit “SAME OLD CAPCOM” “DLC IN DISC OMG LOLOLOL” “WHEN IS GG ULTRA SUPER HYPER EDITION?”


It’s June 15th and Gamespot and IGN still have not reviewed this game. conspiracy? You betcha. Xrd Sign didn’t have this problem.


I certainly wouldn’t/don’t feel that way. And I don’t see how “DLC IN DISC” has anything to do with what you’re talking about. The attitudes you’re describing really only came about during SFIV’s popularity. The mainstream audience that IV brought in wasn’t used to how fighting games work, so, they complained. The GG people are in general not like that because we know exactly what we want and how much work goes into a fighting game. Not once did I complain about Capcom’s methods, except in SFxT where that was just blatant nickel and dime-ing with the gems and whatnot.

I’m not happy with V as it is, but I also know that they’ve SAID they want to stick with just one title and update it, so I don’t feel as gypped as I would if they had planned on releasing a more complete game a year later. Another thing to note is its actually been a year and a half since Xrd came out, not just one year. True, they announced Revelator about a year after Xrds release (console version, 1.5 years after the arcade), but the market moves more quickly than it used to. All of the older GG games had ~2 years between releases.


I’m going to explain this to you. It’s rather easy to understand. Thing is, people will take being fucked over if the product is good enough. See: GGXrdR. Now, if you get a bare bones product that leaves much to be desired, people will get mad. See: SFV. That is what causes this divide. Yes, they’re full of shit and are hypocrites.


But if a product is “good enough”, then it’s not really getting “fucked over”.


That’s great and all, but do you think Revelator’s release should’ve been mentioned on SRK’s front page?



But I’m not Mr. Wiz so… shrug


Mr. Wiz isn’t even the one that handles the frontpage.


@“Missing Person” Do you think it should’ve been on the main page? If not, why not?


It’s a fighting game release, it should’ve been there as a heads up. It slipped through the cracks obviously, and once we knew, we were already well beyond the window of posting it. I had no idea on the timeline on the release or I would’ve written it up myself. If you think something may get lost in static or isn’t getting through the tipline, you guys can always tweet or DM me with new tips and I’ll grab it so long as I’m available.


Fair enough.



in the most cases i like the old version more.
is there a option to switch between these modes or are you stuck with the new version?


Melty Blood assumes you’ve read the Type Moon visual novels and the various media adaptations prior to playing the video games.


Lol anime story.

Anyway, I’ve certainly been having a lot more fun with Xrd Rev than SFV. I didn’t think I would like it all that much so I didn’t plan on buying it, but I won a copy for free in a raffle and now I can agree that Xrd had more content in its tutorial than SFV had at launch.



Every time I think of hecatom I always, always,always…always…get a flashback of a wendy’s joke for some reason.


I like SFV and Xrd. More games for me! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Nah man, you can’t enjoy more than one game, that’s wrong. People must pick their sides and attack the other games nonstop because there must be only one fighting game and the rest is trash.