Did you know?!?!?!

Did you know Kens shippu goes though Hadoukens at point blank…i did it last night when some one tried to chip kill me with exhaouken and i did shippu and it went though it…just thought you guys would be interested

Back to the SF: AC boards with you!

Did you know that Ken’s Shippu also goes through pretty much anything else you throw at point blank range? Did you also know that Shippu can connect after c.MK from max distance?!! OMGWTFBBQ!!! Also this super is like the bestest one in the game!!! Next time can you tell us about the all powerful kara-shoryuken? Oh wait…that’s too high level for you apparently after reading this thread.

Useless thread…unless it’s a joke thread of course. Then it’s just funny. :razz:

ya man it was a joke…i am learning to kara shoryuken btw…it was just a joke because me and my friends were laughing our asses then he did ex hadou and i did shippu and we all shit our pants…you had to be there