Did you play Ghouls and Ghost?

I played the first level several times as a kid, never getting very far, and at around 15-17 years old I decided to beat it with cheats. I never really beat it legit though, and I havn’t played any of the sequals… I’m pretty ashamed. What about you guys? Does beating it legit make you a better Arthur player? What’s the best game in the series to play?

Play Ultimate for snes, you will not regret it :slight_smile:

Arthur is fun to play as, the enemies can go fuck themselves though. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are only two levels in the original Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins. Anything you see beyond that, the rom has been hacked or it’s otherwise faked. If you get to the end of level two, a team of guys in black suits from the Japanese government break down your door and kidnap you to harness your superhuman abilities.

Good game though, still have my old NES cart.


That was my main shit when I was a kid. Beat the first one with a quarter in the arcade machine at the bakery store.

Good times!!!

don’t you mean Ghost n Goblins? Ghouls and Ghost was the genesis version =)

You don’t have to lie, you know.

Beating GnG arcade on a quarter is fucking impossible. Since you have to beat it twice.

I did it actually.

Ghosts and Goblins ain’t that hard.

Now, Ghouls N’ Ghosts is a different story. The hardest game of all time after the Battletoads games.

Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts is probably the easiest of all the games. Being able to shoot up and down is a massive help.

Both Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins and Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts are far harder.

I recommend Ultimate Ghouls N’Ghosts for the PSP. The difficulty in various aspects has been toned down a good bit, but its still very challenging and fun.

Also the only game in the series i’ve beaten without some kind of cheat aid to help. Well, if you don’t count Maximo Vs The Army of Zin for the PS2(also recommended!).

Other than that i’ve played all the games, and am old enough to remember when the original arcade was still around. I can remember looking at the Arcade at some kinda pizza place as a kid and wanting to play but had no quarters. Also renting the 8-bit NES port when it was released too.

I’ve wanted to see him as a fighter since his brief appearance in MVC1, and its awesome that the series has gotten the appreciation it deserves with Marvel 3. Now if only they’d give Authur natural movement. I realize thats how he controlled in the original games, but is it REALLY worth neutering his mobility like that just to pay homage?!

hehe where’d u play that? emulator I assume? I actually still remember seein that in the arcades (yes I’m old lol) as a little kid and bein scared to play it cuz I knew I’d lose my quarter in like a minute.

But if anyone has played ULTIMATE ghost n goblins for the PSP… now that is unforgiving and was a REALLY great game but almost totally overlooked because it came out very early in the PSP’s lifetime. I hope one day they port the game to PSN and XBL. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

I played them when I was young on my NES and they kicked my ass.

Doesn’t Deadpool explain the whole GnG series pretty well?
Also I have gotten to the 2nd stage of the original.

My suggestion: If you have a PSP, get the Capcom Classics Reloaded + Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins. That’ll give you the COMPLETE GnG collection (exception: spinoffs starring Red Arremer, and spiritual successors Black Tiger and Maximo).

I LOVE GnG and Arthur is one of three reasons (the others being Nova and Amaterasu) that I had to get this game.

everything arthur main can agree with this… screw his mobility :/. his aerial mobility is not to bad,but grounded,he is so bad -.-. if he had a dash,or atleast normal walking like everybody else,he would be so much bettter imo

Love this game. Played it fer dayz. I always felt compelled to continue even after dying so many times. Played the one on the psp as well.