Did your stuff get stolen?

Ok, so this happens to us SRK staff every year, but I think this year was an all time low.

‘Sin City’ themed banners
We had seven of these. Three of them were purchased. That leaves us with four. By the end of tournament, we had ZERO. Good job to whoever stole the remaining four. Idiots. People actually wanted to buy them.

s-kill’s signed Street Fighter poster
This was a huge poster of Udon’s Street Fighter 3 issue cover. Seth had this signed by a lot of players and staff as a charity item for someone back in his state. A CHARITY ITEM. I cannot believe someone just took it without even asking.

I know we had a lot of t-shirts in one of the top boxes in the staff area. It was indeed closed. I look after the 5 on 5 and half the box is gone. W.T.F?! I know we didn’t sell that much. Also, props to the people that randomly came up, took a shirt, and asked, are these for free. W.T.F?!

ShinJN’s tools
Ok, this is a personal gripe. I brought my tools to help people fix joysticks. One of those tools was a pretty expensive box cutter made in Japan. I left it by the TV when I ran the MvC2 bracket. I came back and it was gone. I didn’t even get to say goodbye when I took the brackets to the staff area. WTH? My screwdrivers went missing, but luckily I found them on the ground under some trash. Sigh.

someone lifted my raybans
my fault thou shoulda been tighter wit em.
dont worry haters i copped a new pair already <3

one of the VERY few Neo Geo AES compatible stixks was stolen on Friday…MAS black top, red siding, 8 buttons, PS2 and NeoGeo connections…seriously, who the fuck would steal one of these…so fucking ghey

fortunatly I was really lucky. Even with my cabinet setup with my cps2 boards, tools and every thing else nothing was stolen.

To bad ShinJN had his shit riped.

Some jackass casually picked up my stick on Friday and was about to walk off when I asked what the fuck he was doing. Claimed he needed it to play before I told him to put it back. Either he was trying to be sneaky or was just so stupid he assumed I’d be willing to lend it without being asked for permission.

thats fucked up shit. i hope everyone who jacked shit dies.

Nothing from me or my friends got stolen, thank god, but a huge FUCK YOU to the piece of shit who stole the banners, i wanted to buy that ino poster, if it got jacked, than the hell with you, if it got bought then oh well i guess, i saw a max of 3 of them together, what were the rest that i never saw?

Definately fuck that person. That pissed me off hardcore. I’m sure everyone wanted to see the fight that me and Dios were gonna have to see who got to take the I-no poster. That would have been the main event! :karate: :karate: :bgrin:

My license was ethier stolen or I just “lost” lost it somehow… Not really sure what happend…

zig- we need more guys like you, that catch mofuggin lil bitch ass scrubs that attempt to steal something in the process, so you can radio everyone else in to do a “we got a cheater” on his ass

everyone in our genre has some common sense, nobody “just” borrows it for a match without asking, what a fuckin cock monkey bitch ass trick, damn i wish you would of said something, get all the angry players together and drag him in front of a cab, people who steal and fuckin nobody scrubs that talk non stop during finals need to die, this one fat ugly ass white guy who doesn t shave or groom was talking so loud during the 3s finals(to prove what he knows in front of his lil friends), the vibration of his voice was making my half way chipped thru tooth ache like hell, i took a tylenol and sat somewhere else(shitty seat) where i passed out and missed the finals, thanks alot you fat fuck, i hope your kids come out as retarded as you so we have a silent peasant class in this world you dick

next year- i m making a fuck face cam, anytime one of those dime a dozen scrubs does or says something stupid, i m gonna go missing and record your stupid asses, there has to be some kind of threat to keep these adhd white guys from saying what they want all the time

Next year Jimmy, I’mma be working security at the desk with a bat…with 80 of my cousins. Vietstyle. Sup.

Sup Jimmy, sorry to hear about your stuff…

Some of our staff’s Hori Real Arcade Pro joysticks that we had on loan for the tournament were stolen… TWO FUCKING HRAPs stolen… great. So whoever did that, be honest please say you took it by accident and send it back(THEY WERE BRAND NEW IN BOX)…

The banners that VGO made, all 7 of them… I can’t believe that some were stolen before we even put them up… that made me so angry…

Seriously…someone of another race complaining that white people are obnoxious? hahahaha, if you’re asian…alright, if your anything else you’re a fucking joke.

Yes, VGO’s HRAPs were also stolen. To add on top of that. NKIs personal HRAP was also stolen. WTF?!? It clearly says NKI on the bottom. Nick and I were frantically looking for it during the tournament. Seriously, this crap needs to stop. Big hopes that people who walked off with the stuff will somehow return it to where it belongs.

There were seven banners: Sagat, Nina, I-No, Mai, Chun-Li, Psylocke, and Jin (or one of his relatives).

Chun-Li, Sagat, and Jin were sold. Mai was stolen when it was ON THE STAFF DESK. I go run and finish the leftover 23 mvc2 pools, come back, and it’s gone. Psylocke got stolen sometime on Saturday during the evening when CvS2 brackets were going on. We had it hanging in the back corner. The Nina and I-No seemed to disappear when MLG took their banners down. I did not see it anywhere in our equipment. W.T.F?! I don’t think MLG would take our banners because they are pretty down with letting us borrow their equipment (ie. projectors, screens, cables, etc.). I’m thinking they were taken when the banners were in piles and when we asked everyone to leave the hall.

Mouko, I like the bat idea. Let’s go through with it. lol.

Yeah, if you ever run across a hella shady mofo with “NKI” written on the bottom of his Hori stick, please steal it back for me.

Thanks in advance.


Not to disrespect the people who got stuff stolen from them, but everybody needs to take care of their shit better. I could of easily stolen hella shit easily.

Luckly I am a decent human being and didnt take anything, except somebodys 1/3 gatorade that was being kicked around on the ground(I was thirsty!).

ALWAYS watch over your shit, or have a trusted friend/peer watch over it. Sucks that SRK cant have more staff available to watch over everything. Especially since many of the staffers are players themselves.

well in our room we had items stolen from our mini bar. that was serious bullshit. my friend told me they stole about 75dollars worth of goodies. its all good though :rolleyes:

Every year after evo happens I always hear about how the staff has random things stolen from them.

This happens every year yet you guys don’t take any precautions the year after?

You guys need to seriously invest in some trunks with LOCKS.
Take the stuff out of the cardboard boxes and keep it in a trunk and lock it when the staff isn’t selling anything or when they’re busy running brackets.

I’m sorry but this should be common knowledge.

Stealing aka The classic tourney’s prob.
But this is hyenism… Horrible…

Hiring someone to watch over the EVO stuff would be okay. As for the personal things, take the most things with you, yeah. You know, there were many people.

Sorry to hear that. I’m really lucky that my blue mas stick (while sucky) didn’t get stolen the whole day on friday. It was out getting passed around by everyone and I swear I was out of the main ball room for a long enough time to eat and play in the hotel room and I came back and sure enough it was there still (some guy was holding on to it (thanks). I wouldn’t have been that pissed if it was stolen since it is pretty messed up.