Did your T5 stick get stolen at Texas Showdown 5?

“a Tekken 5 joystick for my PS2 AND 2 PS2 remotes” to be exact.


I saw that thread under the live forums. Man ill that wasn’t cool.

I think that’s real fucked up, going there and stealing someone’s shit, I hope some bad shit happens to that guy.

And plus did I read that he didn’t even join anything?

That’s so fucked up. :< My controllers!!!

lmao i didn’t know ppl were brave enough to say they stole something

das not cool. i request @ evo they waive the no violence towards others rule if we catch someone stealing a stick.

Thats why you have to hold your stick like it’s part of your ass.
Don’t sit em down for a sec.

Yeah you gotta be careful and never let your stick out of your sight!!

I also had my SC2 stick stolen at absolution… because I kept letting other people use it (including the Japanese) and it just kept getting passed around and I didn’t keep enough of an eye on it. Then by the end of the day it was nowhere to be found (even though I had a label on it) :frowning:

I guess the same thing goes for ALL your property. Don’t leave any of your belongings lying around in the corner. I usually like to keep my stuff in front of me when I’m sitting down or playing.
If you need to go to the bathroom, give your stuff to someone you REALLY trust.

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

That shit pisses me off. We really can’t trust anybody.

I installed a strap on my tekken 5 stick (just 2 holes on the sides and a bag strap), looks not bad at all. That way, not only it’s super easy to carry (there’s a cord compartment on the strap), I have no risk to get stolen. It’s reliable, comfortapbe, and super geeky, too.

I’d show some pics, but I don’t have a camera, and the stick’s not with me right now anyway.

Originally Posted by PlayaMade4life
4. I jacked me a Tekken 5 joystick for my PS2 AND 2 PS2 remotes

i kept the joystick for myself, but my boy pawned the 2 remotes he jacked and we bought a sweet , it was nice

what a fucking tosser there has to be one to spoil shit aint it…

wow what a prick, sounds like he thinks hes a big man on the forums. I would love to see him even try and own up to it to even one of us, no dout we could tear him a new hole for the shit to spill out from, other then his mouth

PlayaMade4life = :lame: :tdown:

Just say no when people ask to borrow your stick. If they needed one, they should have brought their own, otherwise, fuck 'em. You can’t expect to go to a tournament and have everything at your convenience. Even at arcade tournaments, you can’t expect every machine to have P360’s as opposed to having competitions. Seriously, go fuck yourself if you need a stick and didn’t bring one.

As for people who go through other people’s shit that’s unattended, I’d kick the shit out of you if I saw you doing that, even if I don’t know whose stuff that is and am sure that the shit isn’t yours.

actually, not everyone can afford to buy their own stick. Even some of the best players. So there are going to be a lot of people who need to borrow one. Usually, they’ll just borrow it from one of their friends or someone they know, so borrowing a stick shouldn’t be much of a problem. But saying fuck you to all the players who built their skills in the arcade without having the luxury of paying a hundred or so for a stick is a slap in the face of the community. Now if it’s a total complete stranger asking to borrow your stick, then yeah. The hell with them.

I’ll agree with you. But, even though someone maybe a top player, they’re still a stranger to me. Friends, okay, I can see it being cool and all, but anyone else has the caution flag on their head.

to be a top player and not have a stick means that you have to really play a shitload at your local arcade.

if you play a shitload at your local arcade, then you probably have a fair amount of good friends there.

if your good friends are there, they can give you a stick to play with at the local tourney. you proabbly dont even need to get any hookups from simple acquintances.

if the tourney is far away and you have to fly, eat meals on the road, roost in some place ($200-300+)…then perhaps you should skip a tourney and buy yourself a stick.

Yea at console tournaments I tend to carry a backpack… and as soon as I finish playing it goes right back into the backpack.

Yea playamade4life never friggin reads any other forums but the live ones… and created hella new threads i have to constantly delete that could be in general discussion.


It’s not really that bad I mean I left my stick laying around all kind of places at Ts5 went back to the room went to the bar and my shit was still where I left it.