Did Yun/Yang dive kicked Rufus out of SSF4 AE?

Okay sorry this is abit of a rant but I’m not feeling that Capcom have any love for the big guy in AE…

Anyway pretty much all the top players that were using Rufus (Wong, Ricky O, MDR) have dropped him or are dropping him for one of the twins, and I can totally see why. When I look at Yun’s moveset his moves are basically superior versions of Rufus’ (possibly apart from him not having an instant divekick).
Compare the two characters.


  1. Cover distance to get in options:
    Galactic Tornado -> slow startup, easy to reaction punish, doesn’t cover great distance
    Glory Kick -> slow, pretty easy reaction punish, can’t combo on hit!

  2. Combo potential from normals:
    Rufus has very limited options comboing from normals. He is basically limited to jabs into ex GT, combos ending in standing jab, standing strong or cr forward, ex GT.


  1. Cover distance to get in options:
    Lunge Punch -> very fast, hard to punish, covers alot of distance, can combo!
    Shoulder dash -> as above

  2. Combo potential from normals:
    Yun basically has crazy options and can basically start a combo of choice of any jab, short or strong whether crouching or not!

Add to this that Yun has arguably THE best super in the game and Rufus has arguably the worst. Yun has crazy meter building and alot of options without meter like upkicks, whereas without meter for ex messiah rufus has very limited defensive options.

So both Rufus and Yun have great divekicks, but Rufus has a much harder time getting in, his normals are far, far worse and both his speed and damage(!) potential are not as great as Yuns, his mixup game is weaker, he doesn’t really have any safe blockstrings, his Bnb is a 1 frame link and the list goes on…Additionally I believe Rufus may have been the ONLY character on the roster who received only nerfs in AE without a single buff. Basically it seems that when Capcom added Yun to the game they gave up on Rufus and he seems like largely a redundant as a character.

This really annoys me as I have spent so much time learning Rufus and I don’t care for playing as the twins. Not sure about AE atm. From Rufus perspective Super seemed way more fun before the nerfs (in particular U2 now being about as scary as a cr Fierce if you jump in!)

Anyone sticking with Rufus as their main, and if so what are your reasons?

Rufus is still better. He just takes work, people play the twins over him because they are easier. Ricky used Rufus at ncr and got 3rd. He never once lost to a yun to my knowledge. Rufus has the better dive kick.

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Rufus has instant dive kick. If you dont got it you aint up to par twins also standing HP will kill all twins dive kicks

Rufus still has 958371 ways to combo into his Ultra 1 as well.

He can punish fireballs without ultra, Rufus can’t
His super is great and does not affect his defense, Rufus’ super sucks and ruins his only defensive option
Has a better answer for option select tech
Smaller hitbox
Better footsies

Stupid Ono…

rufus also matches up well against the twins in particular due to j.rh air-to-air

I’m still maining rufus only because i’ve spent so much time on him. Since day 1 i started playing him and never looked back. Although i agree the twins seem to be better right now, it is only a matter of time before FGC learns the match up. Just like when SF4 first came out, people saw Rufus as OP, and now hes not a big deal. Just keep practicing against the twins at the arcade. Thats what i do, now i don’t really have a problem anymore. However, i must keep playing them because their mix up games are amazing, just keep playing rufus since you already know all his tricks, eventually the twins aren’t going to seem as cool as people think they are

Believe it or not, the twins’ hitbox is actually just as wide, if not wider, as Rufus’s hitbox.

Yun’s cr.lk makes his vertical hit box tiny, causing stuff like chicken wing, burn kick, tiger knee to whiff, the width doesn’t really matter.

Rufus is better because his combos do more damage, he has great dive kick pressure and he has more health.

I’m not gonna give up on my boy Rufus. Worked too hard with him to just drop him.

IMO Rufus has a good shot against the twins, It’s not an easy match up but I think It’s better chance than most characters. Play patient as hell, get them in the corner, divekick the shit outta him, bait out up-kicks.


One of the only people who made Daigo sweat at NCR was a random Rufus player. Yun might be god tier, but Rufus is still demigod tier.

Rufus is better because he takes skill… if scrubs wanna use yun let em…

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MDR was still doing pretty damn good with Rufus last time I saw him play AE with him. I’m pretty sure he’s also using or switched to Yun now. Rufus is still really fucking good. Ricky Ortiz still tears it up with him like nothing’s changed. He has the offense and defense to deal with most of the cast. It just happens to be that there’s a character that actually does what he does a bit better now. Doesn’t make Rufus bad though. He’s still far better off than a lot of the other cast that’s still struggling to be mid tier.

The fact that they did nothing but nerf Rufus but he’s still just about the same danger he’s been for the past 2 games means he just works because of his design. You still have to respect messiah or eat damage, his throws still hurt and you can’t just sit there and block dives forever once he gets in. He still has the ability to open people up and make them afraid of hitting him that most other characters still dont have.

Agreed; Rufus has some mix of tools that no matter how little damage he can do with them, using them makes him dangerous regardless. It just means it’s going to take a few seconds more to K.O. opponents.

Exactly 3 iterations and nothing but nerfs ( given he has U2 but that got nerfed ) he still has one of the strongest mix up games because of his dive kick, now if they nerf his divekick then he will be useless.

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Rufus is definately NOT better. Simply because Yun and Yang have more tools and are WAY more versatile. I’m really salty that Rufus’ ultra 2 got changed though. That was really unnecessary. Reaction anti airs…why the fuck would they change that?

HEHE now rufus takes skill as opposed to them curazy twins sheep. How the times have changed. I used to main the big man in Vanilla and his learning curve was definitely a crutch. The only thing of particular significance was the 1 framer. Still all of his nerfs more or less were too dmg and life so he’s come up fairly intact [U2 aside, but c’mon used right you couldn’t even jump on the guy + it ate certain crossups defeating part of his general weakness: D] - mediocre footsies, decent -> great anti-air, massive dmg potential out of repeatable 50/50s. He’s still very usable I’d say. There’s a guy here in Beijing who tags that s.lk s.fp everytime and mixup if not. Scary as fuck.

the twins did kick rufus out of ssf4.

why use rufus who didnt get a damn thing but nerfs in ssf4ae?

its been 2 years, and he still plays the same. the twins are a breath of fresh air, have a similar playstyle to him and they pretty much shit on every character.

Everyone watch this around 00:50. I started playing “dive kick” footsies against yun and yang. The second I see a divekick, I dive kick after. This results in me punishing their divekick recovery frames. Just wait for them to jump. Don’t dive kick them unless they divekick you.