Didjital insanity's PROJECT JUSTICE VIDEO!

the links:

http://shadowhaxor.net/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=100 (special thanks to Shadowhaxor! ^_^)

finally a new video for one of the most underappreciated games ever: project justice! and here you were thinking it ended with persona’s videos.

first thing: i’m sorry if you don’t like the song, but tough shit, it’s there, deal with it. it was one of the conditions in a bet i lost. it actually works out quite nicely i think, and i’m lucky i got my hands on this song on monday. probably the only time you’ll get to see a song from her in ANY combo video.

second thing: the video quality sucks compared to the HQ of some combo videos today, but i’m poor. so, in effect, i’m sorry for being poor.

last: don’t complain about so and so character wasn’t in there, the reason why is cuz persona probably found most of what someone can find in PJ.

happy watching! looking forward to those comments :wgrin:

edit: i’m aware that some stuff like the hideo infinite may be old to some ppl (i.e. thedude.com), but it wasn’t in persona’s videos, so it’s in mine.

Actually yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking. But that was a pretty good vid. I liked a lot of the relaunch stuff, most of which I don’t recall seeing in Persona’s series, though it’s been a while so hopefully he doesn’t see this if I’m wrong. And I hadn’t seen the Hideo infinite or the Daigo glitch, so that was nice. Overall some pretty creative stuff based on what I’ve seen/remember seeing. My favorite was prob’ly the Zaki at 3:01.

Oh yeah, & I thought the editing was pretty good for a poor guy.:wink:

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! Woot !^r@^$&^%&#*@#

  • Plunge Down To The Sea and DROWN *

I made the theory of the so called hideo infinite , and saw some people trying to attempt and failed in the arcade . and i also tried it …and i thought it was meh …just a myth …

BUt i haven’t seen it in a vid!! and i’m still downloading it !!@##$

did you put the roy’s unblockable inside ?

Omg Hideo Infinite Works !!!

what about nagare ? …i’m expecting him :confused:

about that natsu’s combo juggle on kurow …
is it possible to link a team-up attack after the pounch serve ?

EDIT : my comments is , i feel like trying out those combos which are possible to do in the arcade , but god damn i just hate 1 scrub sitting there playing projus and turtle around …

OMG nice video.

Yea That Hideo infinite works. But its takes too much timing for me.

9/10 - Great work man.

Sent a PM btw.


learn timing ?? see the victims body …

that’s how i learnt doing nagare 40 hits on miniatures


( SPOILER !!! )

Linchyo’s super got interupted by the angel ball after the stun attack and then change into qcf-qcf-k while natsu’s stunned !!

i got a question REgarding the P.akira combo in shoma .
On the 5th hit …what is that normal command attack ?? or is it a stance attack ?? it was pretty fast … then link into launcher

sniffs, in love with this thread and everyone posting on it I don’t even know the system that well or strategies.

I still have videos of PJ tournament here. LOL

many thanks for the comments guys and thedude.com, i love your reaction. good eye too to see that iincyo combo on natsu in the intro! for the natsu combo on kurow, i’m still testing it out with different characters/team-ups, but right now i’m about 90% sure it doesn’t work :(. and the 5th hit in the p. akira combo is a normal (b+hp), unfortunately. i wish it were a stance attack, that’d open a whole bunch of other possibilities.

keep em coming :slight_smile:

Nice vid.

Also hosting it Shadowhaxor.net.

need to check this out…

OH is B.hp …sorry man never seen P.akira in the arcade for half a year … the memory card in the cab is toast or something … employees and techies can’t do shit about it .

regarding natsu combo on kurow …

why no jump lk , pause , lk , pause(or not) , f.hp …
the recovery of that is quite slow … just a theory

another thing to take note about zaki’s combo W.daigo .

after the air lk pause and hp , then landed …
can you able to add in a quick air lp ?

I only played the first RS game, and saw this played once. But this looked good, especially the editting :slight_smile: Good work

Well, you’re forgiven for using a Britney Spears remix, because she only says one word and therefore we’re spared her singing (:D).

But seriously, this is a good video. And those glitches–I never thought they existed in the game. Good stuff!

I have to agree, great video, realllly loved the Zaki combos you had.


I really love this Video!!

Hmm, I know im off subject but while were talking pj. Anyone know any good gan,edge combos? Btw love the vid.

Me like! Me like! 11/10! :clap:

WOW. I LOVE this effin’ vid. There will be technical questions coming as soon as I can pick my jaw up.