Didjital insanity's PROJECT JUSTICE VIDEO!

i can’t wait for my nagare power…

woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! thanks for the comments guys and thank you persona!!! without your vids, i wouldn’t have made mine.

awesome vid, i wish capcom would make another game

good vid

Nice Video


SADLY , 1 of the Voice-actor died because of Brain concussion …( i heard he fell of from stairs )

so , project justice is made up that way …Hyo died …

and IS REALLY possible for a god damn SEQUAL !!

Very nice video. This is what I like about ‘loose’ engines such as Marvel and Project Justice from a spectator standpoint; they’re conductive to very ‘exaggerated’ combo videos, which’re fun to watch.

Heck, didn’t even mind the music. And those Daigo glitches were funny. Thanks for sharing with us.

And yeah, I’ll go ahead and join in on the “Where’s the sequels?” chant. One of the few fighting games where each character has distinct, expressed personality, and bam. No more games. That’s lame.

lol what’s up with all the iWhatever avatars? thanks for comments guys :clap:

agreed. substance, a decent story, awesome character designs coupled with an even cooler fighting engine. and the extras! what the hell happened?

It’s now the HotShot on CV. Good work man. I want that MvC2 video now!

(Yes, I just blew up your spot ^_^)

hehe Ipod avatars ?? ask OC …:stuck_out_tongue:

voice actor died …so is better to let the sequel end here .
and the producer re-signed and joine square-enix and create Kingdom Hearts .( source mentioned by TAS )

AND …there are obvious reasons that they are able to make another sequal , but i think they just wouldn’t want to do it anymore .

(gedo geek :on: )

I DON’T Mind if some fans joined capcom and make Gedo High SCHOOL fighting or beat em’ up RPG game ! shit if they made more cast in that particular all boys school , it would REALLY kick ass hard …

and They could describe more about Gedo City’s ‘Legendary Gang War’ where daigo rode his bike and wearing on the skull helmet and kicking out all the yakuzas and the bosouzokus in the city with his New gang , Gedo Gang of course …

the goodguy-gangstas of gedo highschool > the elitist Justice private Highschool > the rest of the dope-azz highschools .

gedo highschool inspired me man , daigo is my role model …
Read my Sig …

(gedo geek :off:)

anyway , Dji , when will you releaser vol 2 ??

Why didn’t you put that Chairperson combo I can see in the title behind the special effects?


is a reset combo … 1st super got interupted …and is a stun super too … but it remain stunned as linchyo got interupted .

then …you know what’s next …

Chairperson takes her clothes off and prances around in an amazing pair of bra and panties?

lol was just a small combo, nothing big. i still have better combos ;). i can’t promise a vol. 2, but i’ve got some other stuff…