Didn't get MvC3? Getting Ultimate? Smug like me?

I felt really left out for not having the money for MvC3 when it came out. Not owning it made me miss out on such a momentous game, and lead me to get my ass handed to me by my friends who owned it. Well I guess it’s true that good things come to those who wait, for now not only do I have the cash to get the game, but I can get an updated/expanded/ultimate version at two-thirds the price of the original (at release.)

I know this is somewhat of a hot-button issue for the community, but I would just like to say “Huzzah for me!” and “nanny-nanny-boo-boo!” to you.

Is anyone else in the same boat as me?
Are you as stoked as I am?

I just wanna play some Vergil and Strange already.

This horse has been beaten to death, dug up, and beaten to undeath several times over. Way to be just as behind the curve on the forums as you are in MvC3.

So this thread was made so you could feel better about being a cheap (and immature) person? Cool, glad you could share that. Now please go back to eating paste.

The immaturity of the OP is appalling. Is forty bucks that big of a deal to start bragging?

I have no regrets about purchasing the original at $70. Have fun trying to catch up at release.

I NEED UMvC3 just as much as any one of us NEEDED any game, ever. But au contraire, mon fraire, for I do care, as to why I’m getting Ultimate.
Though I may not “care” as much as most of you about the strategy or scene, I didn’t exactly miss out on any of it either. For instance, I’ve never owned a fight stick in my entire life, but I have plenty of good friends with MvC3, and I myself own MvC2, not to mention SSF2THDR, SF3:3SOE, and SSF4 (didn’t bother with AE, maybe I don’t care at all?), so I guess you can say I’m practiced.

As for my “misunderstanding” of the games industry… I’m not a complete shut in, I’ve seen it done. I’m not disappointed in Capcom, if anything I’m excited I get to come out on top this time.

All I was really trying to do with this thread was… yea I guess show my immature side and eat paste and beat horses or just blowing off a few months-worth of steam, but what can I say? This was only my 2nd post ever.
hahaha I’m really just a newbie looking for a jumping off point into the community that doesn’t involve tedious studying of lingo and frame data. Get mad about it.

A good way to get into a new community is lurking. I’m serious. Lurking helps.

F that bull, I want to make some noise.

Technically, it’s $70. :smokin: I would include the cost of Jill and Shuma, but I have this strange suspicion they’re inevitably going to get me on some future DLC. lol

That’s why you look like an idiot right now.


Not being a douche and being a normal person helps too. Grow up.

good ol srk fourms

Ever wake up, realize you’re a faggot and rush quickly to your computer to let all of your pals around the world know?

OP sure did.

itt: people getting trolled.

Gotcha! the irony is so palpable in here it’s delicious with a side of fava beans. i said right off the bat i just wanted to troll, but they wanted to cross this bridge anyway.

Ok, I’m done though, I’m not big on trolling. I’m gonna go learn how to play SF3.

Got it. Getting it. Hulk smash.

I don’t have a PS3 yet, so naturally I didn’t have access to MvC3, save for a few visits at a buddy’s house. 3SO is my main motivation for saving up for a PS3, but I really enjoy what I’ve played and watched of MvC3, so UMvC3 seems like a no-brainer for me. Sure, I’m glad that the new game’s at a cheaper price, but at the same time I’d never rub it in someone’s face a la OP. That’s just tacky. :nono:

What a waste of a thread.

By letting everyone know from day 1 that you’re an idiot who should be disregarded? /pilingontheretard