Didn't Ono announce something Evo


I know Ono had a speech during Evo, right before SFIV finals, but I thought he said he was going to announce something at Evo (sometime after his speech). Does anyone know what he announced, if he announced anything, or when he will announce something? Curiosity just got the better of me here and has me in a nelson.

Does anyone know?:wtf:


The announcement part was hard to follow because the translator was hard to hear, but the gist of it from what I could hear was that they really appreciate the fanbase, and they’re “listening to the comments online” so I assume that to mean that enough people bitch about sagat being overpowered, they’ll do something about it in the next version of the game…

But that’s just my speculation of course. :lol:


Oh, thx. I thought it was something else, but it could’ve been me. I’m glad there is a chance for a second incarnation, or some sort of change. I was expecting something more dramatic.


Yes let’s blame sagat for being over powered yet no sagat in top 8…


i rather get better netcode than anything else, fuck new characters or nerfs, lets get some better netcode!


I was really hoping for a definite something, but I appreciate Ono’s Appreciation to the community. At least Ono said there will be changes and improvements if the community demands it.


I was pretty close, on the right chair side, about 7 er 8 rows from the very front row. Basically, a lot of thankyou’s for our support, and that he wants to announce something new but there’s already so much going on.


on top of that he said that he checks seths blog everyday, so he’s reading our comments and wnats us to continue to send our input so they can better the game and make future games also better.


Basically alot of Thank You and We do listen to you.

As for any possible new footage or announcements, I guess we gotta wait for Tougeki.


They need to balance the game HDR style and bring everyone up to top tier level instead of knocking Sagat down.


He said he’d love to announce something right then, but they just finished the PC version and are taking a little break. He said that they’ll have something to announce soon.


Hopefully Ono listened to the whole “Shortcuts are Shitty” and “The Reversal Window Sucks” comments!


Ah, so the majority of his speech was thank yous, but i knew he had said something about announcing something. It’s just that he wants to announce it, but won’t… Well its something to look forward to, right.


He announced there was going to be an announcement. That’s it.


^ thats what i heard from everyone there




/tries to resurrect the dead horse.

Nope, looks like it’s definitely dead.


Keep hitting it. It will come around.