Didn't recieve your Preorder Fightstick. Free Wall Scroll from madcatz


Just left my gamestop and was informed of this info, hopefully this has not been posted.


I just entered my information in. Thanks for the heads up!


It’s only for Gamestop? Boo.


just filled out my info. cant wait.


Hmm, that wall scroll is pretty nice, I might just have to order one when they get more in stock.

Unless of course someone is willing to sell it to me :stuck_out_tongue:


This actually restores a little bit of my faith in MC. I certainly won’t argue with “free” anything. Good lookin’ out KnivesandLint!


I was told by the GameCrazy folks I was getting one when mine came in (in March). We shall see. Honestly, I don’t even want it - I’ve got too much stuff in my place anyway (but enough room for a stick :wink:


man that scroll kicks major ass, too bad I already received my TE stick from barnes&nobles/gamestop. I was thinking about just inputting my data in but found out that my order receipt didn’t have any gamestop store info.


So is this just for Gamestop? I pre-ordered through BestBuy & i didn’t get my stick…Will i be able to get this?


Gamestop only? I preordered with amazon, but no matter. I bought the wallscroll already.
Can’t argue with free stuff, that is the only way this wallscroll is worth it. Poor quality when compared to most common wallscrolls.


boo only gamestop? what about ebgames?


same company. The recipets are the same just put the info in from there


Nice to see all the gamestop customers getting taken care of (again).

What about everyone else who paid in Dec and are now waiting till April?

Madcatz wouldn’t know good PR even if it walked up and shat on their face.


Thanks for the info. Just filled it out.


this had better be for more than just the gamestop pre-orders.
In before they run out of scrolls too and push the date back on those.


What’s this shitty excuse…
Seriously where has markman disappeared now that madcatz is pulling out bullcrap like not sending TE sticks to Lizardlick which is the SF FANS PREFERED SHOP DAMNIT…


This is shit, like everyone else in here, people ordered from more games than fucking gamestop/ebgames. :wtf:, I ordered the ce from EB and the TE from Gamecrazy, so you’re telling me I’m screwed because I ordered at the only store that was taking orders. That’s bullshit. This release has seriously been botched on quite a few items.


Is this webpage legit. I could not find it on the main page of madcatz webpage.


Its better then nothing, but still not as good as, say getting the stick you preordered when it was supposed to come out.

How hard is it for gamestop to send out inventory on a first come first served preorder basis?


Every time I bid on Ebay and twice won, the orders got cancelled. I think I deserve that badass wall scroll or something like that.