Dieminion vs. Rebelo Grand finals

So who saw this sick mirror match? I did and i learned alot from it. lol
EDIT: I really do appreciate to see high level Guile mirrors. They are intense.

Congratulations, Dieminion. That has to be one of the most difficult mirrors in this game as its an exhausting battle of inches combined with the need for ridiculous anticipation in order to come back from a deficit.

I’ve been cheering you on from my living room ever since I first discovered your vanilla matches on youtube, so props on this huge win. You earned it and then some.

PS, I didn’t know you also had a sick Guy! A+.

Good stuff. I missed the fireball war and zoning from ST.

wow really intense match, learned alot from it, still a long way to go… i can’t even fk fadc yet…rofl