Difference between a couple of sticks


Can anyone tell me the difference between:

  • A madcatz TE stick
  • A madcatz TE stick round 2
  • A madcatz SE stick with sanwa buttons and a sanwa stick

Witch one of these is the best? Im thinking of buying a stick and i’d like to buy just one that will last reaaally long (and isnt very heavy on the wallet although both three of them pretty much are >>) ^^


The round 2 TE and the original TE are the same with the only difference being the art and the color of the sides.

The SE is smaller and weighs less than the TE, 4.25 lbs compared to the TE’s weight of 6.5 lbs, and when modded with Sanwa parts the total price is only slightly cheaper than a TE.

Get a TE if the larger size, weight, and a cable compartment matters to you. Get the SE and mod it if you want something lighter and want to save $10 from the price of a TE (when neither the TE or SE are on sale).