Difference between European and US online play

I’m from the UK, and the online play here seems to have much better connections and more fierce competition than the US.

I’m getting this from watching youtube videos where it takes a long time to to get matches, poor connection, and the player is an easy win even in G2 and G1.

However here in the UK I can almost always get a yellow connection, and even when I was in G3, there were no flowchart kens, only pretty decent players.

I suppose this is because its less popular here, and closer together, so only the hardcore fans are left…

I know this is the wrong place, but I don’t have enough posts to make this thread in the main discussion.

…and you picked this subforum because its the one on top? :rofl:

(sorry i dont feel like contributing much to this thread, its pretty much common sense if you asked me)

Wait, what? You’re in europe, and you haven’t met any Ken’s in G3? Or well, a low amount. I guess I hogged all those fights from you in G3, because by the time I got to G2, I had faced 97% Ken’s throughout the whole G3.

Same here, more than half my fights have been against really bad Kens.

I’m from England, and it’s hard to find decent matches and majority of people I play against spam dragon punches _

I could used to find consistent yellow connections until championship mode came out, that seemed to fuck up online

Maybe I’m just unlucky

You must be lucky, because I still play against tonnes of flowchart spam happy players. I don’t even really bother with champ mode anymore. Same thing on a constant basis.

I only play champ mode, and I just played for a couple of hours and saw 1 ken so… dunno

Sagats however are very common :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I ran into a lot of Kens in G3 as well, but by G2 they’re mostly gone. I’ll second the comment about the connections though, not that I can personally compare them to the US.