Difference between Ex Iori and Iori(normal) and what one is better?

I’m new to kofxiii and this forum sorry if this has been posted already or this is in the wrong place :(. I was just wondering what Iori is better i want to make a team of Iori Saiki and (any evil girl can you give me a girl that even just looks evil thats is really strong in the game). Also how should Saiki Iori and (girl) should be played i wish to take this game professional. If you wish to add my on psn and show me some stuff my id is zzirAquila im in uk

EX Iori can do everything. Most specials are not safe on block. Doesn’t do a lot of damage.

Claw Iori has a tough time against zoners. Has easier Hyper Drive combos and does more damage. And QCB+B claw swipe is safe on block.

IMO there is no “better/best” characters, they are all good. It just varies on your style of play.
Check out their respective pages on the Wiki and you’ll get some ideas of what you want to do with your characters. Find your style, then find your characters, that’s how I’ve always done it. The wiki will help you pick your third character also, check out all the character pages!
It’s a long read but incredibly worthwhile in the long run if you plan to play competitively.

The differences between the two are posted above, so I’m sure you can take it from here. Good luck!