Difference between Gold Plating/Non, Cable size?


Purchasing cables. The longer gold plated ones are like 2$ more, but im actually afraid they will add lag or something, but maybe they’re better?

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It’s snake oil, don’t bother paying extra for that crap.

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Interesting subject though. I worked in a Maplin (like an English RadioShack) back in the early 2000s and remember laughing my ass off at gold plated USB, Firewire, etc when it came out and here we are, nearly 15 years later, with it being the norm.

The legacy is that analogue cables, like Coax, would suffer less noise when gold plated. Digital signals still get the same benefits from gold vs tin/nickel/brass connectors (better conductivity and longer lifespan) but with ones and zeroes it’s much less important than it is when you’re trying to smooth out an analogue wave.

Cable length is not worth worrying about if the cable <100ft


Ok so no difference and no difference then?

Here is why if interested cnet.com/news/why-all-hdmi-cables-are-the-same/

It’s just marketing all along! Dang! Learning something everyday from just browsing in Tech Talk.

The only upside to gold platted connectors is that they stay oxidation free.
Oxidized metals (especially rusted or corroded) do not conduct electricity very well it at all.
Gold does not oxidize at all, thus is a reasonable barrier.

Aluminium, Nickle or Zinc plating works just as well if not better. (gold is actually isn’t that great of a metal when it comes to electrical conduction).
They oxidize at the surface, often giving metal surfaces a dull luster, that oxidation layer is a thin barrier keeping the rest of the metal from actually corroding.

In the typical home most connectors are fine for at least 10, 15 years if not longer as long as humidity and in-air saltine levels stay down.

There are numerous studies that suggest that the over priced “MONSTER” cables are just gimmicks, that you don’t need a $200 HDMI cable for your new 55" HDTV.
You get no increased performance or faster speeds. The only cables to avoid are those el-chepo dollar store specials and some of the the super, super cheap Chinese cables.

Do you research cheap yet high quality HDMI cables can be brought on line for Less than $6 for a 6 or 8 foot long HDMI cable.
The only cables that are going to be pricey are those proprietor Apple Computer cables (like the new lighting connector) because of licensing fees and Apple Store price gouging.

That $2 generic tan colored USB cable cost as much to make as that $50 Monster USB cable.
Same logic applies to HDMI cables or anything else.

That gold on the connectors? That gold is a ultra thin layer electro-plated in place, and is only a few atoms thick.
They are not breaking the bank gold plating anything.

Even the dollar store ones? No way…

Dollar store/Chinese Ebay $1 ones don’t look any different to me on my monitors/TVs, they just don’t last as long as Monoprice $2-3 from my experience, same with any cables I’ve bought over the years, USB, micro/mini, iphone chargers, 3.5mm extension cables. Cheap Chinese ones always break but the cheap Monoprice ones last much much longer and almost cost the same.
Do I buy gold plated ones for $1 more or less, sure why not.