Difference Between Hori's (HRAP/EX2) and Sanwa parts

Can someone please if you can describe the difference between a Hori stick (the fighting stick ex2 and the t5 hori stick) when compared to a stick made of all sanwa parts?

Ill give it a go, as I have owned both a T5 Hori, and an all custom Sanwa. This comparison is based on the Sanwa JLF and standard Sanwa snap in buttons, as compared to a Tekken 5 stick.

Joystick on the Hori is loose feeling, almost sloppy. This is brand new btw. The gate feels small, and is a square. but all in all it is OK. Going back to a neutral state is also kinda wonky. Many times while playing 3S, I can see a UOH coming at me, but couldnt get myself out of crouch block due to the unresponsiveness of the stick. It’s OK, it is not the best joystick I have ever used, but far, far from the worst. You can pull off DPs and Hadous on it easily, but for me, it was always kind of tricky to do certain charge techniques on it. Like Urien shoulder tackle combos, super fast sonic booms with guile in ST, charge moves like that. Also, it felt easily breakable, like I had to treat is as though it were made of glass. Seems like the Hori stick wears out really fast as well.

Sanwa JLF feels sturdy. Very responsive, reliable joystick. Not as loose as the Hori, but did feel a little more loose than what I was used to (OG P-360’s). The square gate feels a little larger than the Hori, and the throw on the joystick feels a little more “natural” than the Hori. Trust me, you can “feel” the difference in quality between the two joysticks. This thing also still feels new, and I have had it about a year or so.

Hori buttons are crap. Seriously. They feel like they have some material in them that is restricting the movement of the plunger. They feel like they have gum stuck in them or something, not sure how else to explain their crapness. They just don’t feel right at all. Sometimes, when doing chain combos in lets say… Vampire Savior or Marvel, Jab or Short wont come out, or Strong or Fierce. Maybe it was my buttons, but they seemed to drop inputs when going for chain combo type of moves. Did I mention that the feel like poo?

Sanwa: Imagine a button that works really well. Now, imagine if you only have to lightly touch this button, so that as soon as you even thought about touching it, it activated. That is pretty much a Sanwa button. Responsive and reliable, 10x better than Hori. They are as good or better than Happ buttons. <3 Happ buttons

First I would like to say thank you for your quick response and at the same time taking the time out to give me a very detailed response.

I currently own a Ex2 (xbox360) Tekken 5 Hori and a Mas stick p-360. The Mas stick is too tight for me and sometimes my hands can get tired. Also the competition buttons are good but I want something alot more sensitive. The stick on the t5hori and ex2 are both like you say and the buttons are like you say as well.

I have never played on sanwa parts but I ordered a stick made with all sanwa parts from Arcade in a box a day or two ago so I am eagerly waiting for it to get here. I got one for the xbox360. If i like it enough I will get one for ps2/ps3 as well.

Np man, I have been in this boat.

I am sure you will really like the Sanwa parts, it is amazing going from a T5 to all Sanwa. I will say this though, the joystick took a little getting used to. Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful piece of hardware, but after forcing yourself to “get used to” the Hori, it took me awhile to be dead on with the JLF.

Also, I would guesstimate that the Sanwa buttons are about twice or thrice as sensitive as the Happ buttons.

I hope you like your stuff =]

Edit: Shy away from octogonal gates, they do not work well with JLF’s, just adapt to the square.

Going Sanwa is a nice sexy feeling.

So you can understand how sensitive a Sanwa button is, you can drop a paper plate on the button and it will activate.

Bah Sanwas are great but i love me siemitsus they haev .0001 less sensitivity its like playing with a GOOD happ button (yes im amer hater :razz:)

Wow… So it’s that much of a difference eh… Well my Hrap3 should be coming in the mail in a couple days, then I can get rid of my T5.

I think hrap3 has hori buttons and a sanwa stick. So you will need to swap the buttons. Hori buttons are very similar to seimitsu buttons in regards to the gummy feel. Sanwa buttons all the way, seimitsu sticks all the way!

Sell it for cheap. TO NGUMAN if possible.

What’s wrong with octagonal gates? I recently put one on my JLF and so far I the only things I’ve noticed are DPs being a little harder to do but low medium kick XX super being much easier. Only been using it for a day or 2 so maybe there’s something I haven’t discovered yet. The “common opinion” seems to be that JLF + octagonal gate = no, but I see that a lot of people have octagonal gates in their custom Sanwa sticks.

to OP: It’s not hard to get Sanwa parts into a Hori T5 stick, and since you will have to swap out the buttons anyways on the HRAP3, another option to consider is putting sanwa parts into your existing T5. It’s more or less the same amount of effort you would spend modding the HRAP3… If you have a drill, getting the JLF in there is very easy.

Modding a T5 takes ALOT longer than modding an HRAP3. Remember, in addition to drilling the JLF in, you’ll need to solder wires to the pcb, then solder/crimp quick disconnects to the other end for the buttons. Also, you’ll need to file/dremel down the buttons tabs. Takes me about 1.5-2 hours to do a T5 mod. HRAP mods only take like 15-20 minutes.

My bad, thought the HRAP3 had the same kind of buttons as the T5.

They do. It’s just the metal panel has extra tabs and a crappier mounting bracket on the T5.

hi guys i just ordered an octogonal gate from lizardlicks( the one with the yellow ring inside), is it possible to put the octogonal gate on a default T5 stick? Any minor must needed tweeks that i should do?

im planning to take out the big square gate on the t5 stick and put in this octogonal gate but i don’tknow if it will work for sure, i think v4mpiros guide for the t5 mod used a sanwa stick for the octo gate but not the default tekken 5 stick.

well i love sanwa parts my only thing i don’t like is how loose the ball feels. it seems to spin but what i did find out is that they are screwed into place form the bottom of the stick. so yeah i guess its just one of those things i have to get use to.