Difference between HRAP 3 and HRAP 3:AV?


I just pre-ordered a HRAP: AV for PS3 from akihabarashop and was wondering what the difference is between the already released HRAP 3 (black, red, yellow) and the soon to be released HRAP: AV (black, white). Anyone know?




just the colors and the HRAP3 AV might use the new control panel bolts.


i see…

what does “AV” stand for then?


Amazon Version??? not sure


Amazon something. Version?

The new colours for this re-run were selected by votes in an open poll on amazon.jp about… ohh, maybe six months ago. They also did the same thing for the HRAP(1) at that time.


ah i see…so it’s just a recolor of the HRAP3…thanks for the reply :wgrin:


We’ll find out soon, it ships later this week.


Any word on what the differences are, if any?


*waits patiently for detailed review. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I think I might give up on this. :wink:

I’ve got 2 HRAP3: AV’s coming, so hopefully they’re the same or better. If they’re worse for any reason I might be a bit ticked off. :smiley:


Where are you from and how much did your order come out to?

StridaJin is sellling a ton of these in the US… Mine should be coming in a few days.


I bought my 2 from StridaJin too! :slight_smile:


I should be getting both in this week. So lets hope they come in sooner than later fingers crossed


I’m from Los Angeles. I knew about StridaJin selling them after I’ve already placed the pre-order and paypal’d the money to Akihabarashop. It came out to close to $160. I was kinda dissappointed to pay more but oh well. I’m picking it up this afternoon at the post office.


you should have ordered extra sanawa buttons “you get 10% off on arcade parts”


how can i place an order with stridajin?




So yea, they’re the same as the old ones.


Does not have the easy off nuts/bolts like on the HRAP2SA