Difference between LP Mantis Slash, HP Mantis Slash



What is the difference between using LP, MP, and HP for mantis slash?
Is there also a difference in using which one while SA3 is activated?


Lp slash is the one that moves the least, but it has frame advantage on block. The other two strengths are basically only used for a guaranteed combo(mp usually isn’t used too much unless you want to gauge distance or something). The other two strengths obviously move farther pretty much, but are also unsafe and can be punished if blocked. For example, Ken’s jab shoryu or SA3, could punish a blocked mp or hp slash.

Now granted, all of that information is about the first slash of the three. As you know the second and third slashes are unsafe anyway sometimes if blocked.

In Seiei, the only two slashes you’d be using are lp and hp. The lp slash is the only slash you can combo after or into itself in seiei mode. The Hp slash is used because it becomes safe because of the shadows, and it moves the farthest, so you can lockdown and/or combo.

Hope that helps.


Thanks. Is that why you never start Seiei with HP mantis slash? Because it can’t combo into anything?

Also, when I do Mantis slash in Seiei, I always end up knocking them away, and losing the combo chance, how could I make sure I don’t knock them away? How can I make sure I don’t do all slashes?


You can start a Seiei Enbu combo with HP Mantis as long as u follow it up with LP Mantis.
After the LP Mantis slash you have options

  • Kick chain Combo > HP Mantis > LP Mantis - rinse and repeat
  • c.Lk > HP Mantis > LP Mantis - rinse and repeat

other options of course - Kick chain variation can only be done in corner I think?


If I do 3 HP Mantis, or even 3 LP Mantis, I knocked them away and it ends the combo.
So I realise I have to stop at 1 or 2 slashes.
Should I do one or two? In HP and LP are there differences?


Well, here are some of the normal combos that you will see in Seiei mode.

cr. mk/UOH xx hp slash xx lp slash, (lk xx hp slash xx lp slash) x n, seiei ends, cr. mk xx hp slashes.

cr. mk/UOH xx lp slash x n, seiei ends, cr. mk xx hp slashes.

cr. mk/UOH xx hp slash xx lp slash, (kick chain, hp slash xx lp slash) x n, Seiei ends, cr. mk xx hp slashes.

First one is basically standard. Second one, just make sure you are doing the first lp slash for the slash. Third one, this can only hit in the corner, and for most characters that aren’t big, you have to hit them ducking for it all to connect, but it is the most damaging one though.

Hope that helps.


What does n mean in here? Also… with hp slash xx lp slash, do I do one single hp slash, then cancel into one single lp slash? Or do I do 2 hp slash, then cancel into the lp slash?


In that combo (and most combos) n just stands for however many times you can do it until meter runs out, opponent falls too fast, damage isn’t worth it, etc etc.


the push range on the slashes differ respectively. you can mix up a single slash of each punch to “set up” your opponent in the respective distances (lp shortest, mp medium, hp farthest). You can use these for mind games, mixups, and setups. I haven’t played yang in a while so I haven’t been able to apply this to my game yet, but its something I was taught. Correct me if I’m wrong.


First slash you do with hp, then the second slash you do with lp, and then link a lk after the second slash.

Hope that clarifies for you.


Yes this is what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. I will try that.


By the way, am I supposed to cancel the lk in to a hp mantis slash?
I find theres too llittle time to do so.




I’ve found that using c.lk after the HP Slash, LP Slash seems to be more consistent so you may want to try that. This way you are already holding down on the stick and its easier to roll into forward > HP for the next set of slashes. Probably just preference though


you don’t need to be in the corner for the combo involcing the kick chain for a lot of characters, alex chun and hugo, and i think you can do it on shotos, don’t quote me tho


One thing that I noticed when I initially started to learn Seiei Enbu combos was that I was making the mistake of leaving things too late. For example, in the situation where you need to do the HP slash after the LK I was confusing myself and stuffing up the combo because I was waiting for the 2nd or 3rd shadow to finish the LK before trying my HP slash.

I was wondering if perhaps you are doing the same thing as me and leaving the HP slash too late. It is easily resolved by simply doing it earlier and forcing yourself to not pay so much attention (within reason of course :wgrin:) to what Yang is doing during the Seiei Enbu combo as to what your fingers should be doing on the pad/stick.

Hope this helps.


Thanks. That helps.

I know there is another Seiei Enbu combo where he just keeps repeating the first slash of the mantis slash. Is this done with a LP mantis slash? And how do I make it so that I only keep doing ‘single first mantis slashes’, and not go into the second mantis slash?


Yes, it’s done using LP Mantis slash, first hit repeating.
you just need to time it so that your leaving a slightly bigger gap between the QCF motions.
Practice by simply doing it without the seiei enbu activated so you can get a feel for how quickly you can pull off each slash after the other.
Once you are happy with the speed that you can do it - ACTIVATE SUPAR POWARS!


So, could someone tell me which Mantis hits of which buttons give what on block? If the last hit of a Mantis chain is LP, does that make it safe? Hmm, I should probably look for frame data somewhere…