Difference between online and normal play

I’ve never played SFIV online until recently. Prior to playing online I spent most of my time in the training and arcade modes. I would say I have decent execution and fairly good timing, but after going online I felt completely useless.
[]The timing felt completely different. Even normals felt sluggish.
]Blocking felt unresponsive and I could have sworn I got hit by stuff that I normally would have blocked without a problem offline.
[]The timing for the specials, supers and ultras especially felt different, almost I like I had to do them in slow motion to pull them out.
]Several times when I would try to grab following up a block-stun combo, the grab wouldn’t take and the opponent would hit me coming out of the combo.
[*]Combos in general felt difficult to pull off correctly, and the gameplay seemed more centered around back-and-forth pokes.
Is this normal for online play? (I had four bars in most of my matches, BTW)

I’m admittedly not a very good player, but I just want to make sure I’m not crazy and using this as an excuse for my dismal performance. What differences do you notice between online and offline play?

One major difference is that the CPU has a specific style that you grow accustomed to with each character. For example you can get away with smacking Guile and Chun Li and Blanka around with attacks that do 2-hits or spamming constant light punch because all they do is focus.

People online unless retarded won’t do it to that degree.

Then there’s connections, just because the OP has 4 bars, doesn’t mean you do too. that and even 4/5 bar connections can lag like crazy, I’ve actually found myself more comfortable sitting on a 3-bar connection because of this problem.
If there is even the slightest amount of lag, you might not even realize, some hits that are supposed to connect won’t.
As an example of one I’ve had recently, A Rufus player jumps up in the air, you can see the little jump-up that he’s about to Falcon kick, I initiate my ultra, he’s suddenly out of the air and in crouching block.
The shakeyness of connections can screw up your block strings and links but you really have to get used to it because there’s not much you can do for it.

If you’re not used to versatility that comes with online players aswell, it can be a problem (We’ve all been there, it’s normal, you’ll get used to it.) You will always meet someone with a higher skill level than yourself.

The simplest way to put it. the reason your combos won’t work so well at present is because you’re used to a dummy opponent that is predictable (AKA the CPU), you know exactly how it will react when you start a combo and you know when it is safe to jump. It’s something you’ll learn with time with online playing so I just recommend you keep at it and keep trying.

Online play is not representative of offline play with humans. The computer is a shitty player, btw. Smack with FA’s all day long, and they let you ultra them in the face. People won’t let you do that.

The lag over the internet is horrendous, do not judge anybody’s skill level based off that, even your own. It will make you play worse, you won’t block things you should, you’ll miss stuff you normally wouldn’t. In short, online play is utter garbage.

More whiffed meaties
More dropped links
Less blocking on reaction
Less punishable DP whiffs
More getting jabbed out of throws
Less successful late crouch tech

Yeah, I realize the CPU is formulaic and nothing like a human player. What I’m mostly referring to is timing and execution. I feel like I need to re-learn all of it after playing online.

For discussions sake, how does SFIV online compare to GGPO?

After playing Brawl I’ve pretty much sworn off online play for competitive fighting games, small amounts of latency just mess with me far too much.

That’s why even after I picked up SF4, I’m never online, arcades/with friends is where it’s at.

So no, it’s not just you, online play is different and unreliable, winning for online play is not a measure of skill, the best advice I got for online play is “think of it as practice in reading opponents”, and even then, only if online play doesn’t mess with your muscle memory.

  1. This is incorrect. The connection strength is peer 2 peer, between you and the host.
  2. Not OP, host.

You have to remember that you can’t grab an opponent who’s in block stun, or just coming out of block stun (2 frame window? Can anyone confirm?).

As for your other points, consider online to be a completely different game. “Sluggish” is definitely the proper term to use. It’s just something you have to get used to, though a lot of people can’t. You’ll find what works and what doesn’t simply by playing more. If you spend a decent amount of time in Training Room or playing against other people offline, you won’t actually get worse from playing online, outside of developing a few bad habits that can be worked out later, like mashing. Online is still vastly superior to playing against the CPU, and you’ll get a lot of matchup specific knowledge from the experience.

I don’t get to play offline with friends very often (live in the middle of Bumf*ck, Ontario), but when I do, it’s like a big weight of my shoulders in terms of execution, so I’m kind of in the opposite situation.

this statement is factually incorrect. the bars are a display of the ping between you and the other person (the time it takes 1 packet of information to be sent to that person and a response get returned). that’s going to be the exact same for both of you. now, that is only a small piece of the networking puzzle so you might have someone with 5 bar ping (maybe he lives next door to you) but that dumbass is connected wirelessly and is torrenting 20 different porno movies, so even though the ping is great that game would be the laggiest one you have EVER entered.


ARGH beaten by damdai…

So you’re basically telling me that having a 50MB connection used currently only for my PS3 and Laptop (Which is off when I play online btw), that all of these red bars I’m getting coming up are mine?

I really can’t see that happening personally…

but eh, what do I know.

Francys, You’re probably playing some with a really shitty connection, or very far away. Or you didn’t optimize your internet settings so you get shitty online play.

Damdai said the truth. As did the others.

If you see a red bar, it represents your connection to the other player and visa-versa. Either one of you could have a bad connection, or you could be half-a-world away from eachother, but it represents the speed of transmission from both you to the other player, and from the other player to you.

On a related note, I really need to find out if there’s an active SFIV community near Charlotte, NC.

I think more than anything I’m just getting irritated with the so-called 4/5 bar connections jumping over to me and then it suddenly gets so slow to the point I’m seeing things frame for frame.

they aren’t “yours” they are the connection between you and the other person. so despite your 50mb connection if that person is on the other side of the world… it’s gonna take a while for that packet to travel that far and back.

so yeah, it’s not yours or his connection, it’s the connection between the 2 of you.

a couple things to try: port forwarding to your ps3. placing your ps3 in a DMZ. also check your cables/internal network for packet loss, you might have 50mbps download but if your cable is damaged or there is a lot of electronic interference then it could be degrading your networks capabilities on the internal side. there are literally hundreds of things that could be happening on your end to cause the problem even though your paying for a good amount of bandwidth.

I think there are three possibilities…

if you’re sharing the internet with someone else it happens sometimes… if you’re using windows XP go to start > run > cmd then “ping -t www.google.com” or your favorite site… and if each ping value isn’t consistent then that’s the problem…
for example, if your test values are like

then you would see you got 4-5 bar connections but when it becomes to 60ms you’ll see the slow motions…if someone uses the max. bandwidth of your internet speed then the ping values goes up to like 200ms or even higher… (e.g watching youtube lol…)
it still affects like what you said if you d/n stuff for 30-50kb/ sec

if you don’t share but your ping isn’t good. it’s time to call your ISP…

if you don’t have any problem at all, this would happen to your opponent as well…

Thank you for that I shall look into it since it’s really starting to irritate me XD

Also, be careful if you’re using wireless B/G, this will definitely hurt your connection. I hear wireless N is good but I’m not sure. Wired is always the best.

I’ve heard people say how wonderful the GGPO netcode is. Does this mean these issues aren’t as prevalent on GGPO?

I don’t know what GGPO does exactly, but its pretty amazing. I hopped on like 3 weeks ago and played some sf3 for the first time. I proceeded to invite some guy to a match and get destroyed about 20 games in a row…but it was completely lagless. I said in chat that I came from sf4 and played a “pretty pro ken” and he lolled and challenged me to a sf4 match. Shit was so laggy in sf4 it was completely unplayable…some of the worst lag I’ve ever seen. The guy was probably from europe or something, but in the GGPO matches I didn’t feel any lag whatsoever.

someone needs to write up an faq for dummys on how to port forward… i have no idea how to do it cause i dont know jack shit about computers, but it would be great if i the information on how to do it was accessible easily…

my main questions are extremely noob:

whats a port? LOL

how do i get to it?

how do i forward it?

what does forwarding a port do?

LOL yeah. i’m weaksauce at computers.