Difference between SF4 and SSF4 and the AE?


Sorry for this noob Question… I am really confused with the three… I have been playing this for just sometime in some malls in my country… all i need to know is what could be their difference? Sorry for the bad English… And sorry if I posted it Here…

Apologies to all… D:


SF4: There are 25 total characters, with 5 new characters (Abel, C.Viper, Fuerte, Rufus, Seth), released on PC, X360 and PS3. Sagat very very very strong…also annoying because I hate listening to Sagats say TIGER over and over and over.

SSF4: Adds 10 characters, 8 from previous games (Cody, T.Hawk, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Dee Jay, Adon, Guy) and 2 newcomers (Juri, Hakan), every character has a new ultra, released only on X360 and PS3. Considered the most balanced by most people.

AE: Adds 4 characters, 3 from previous games (Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu) and one newcomer (Oni), released as a $15 DLC for X360 and PS3, released as a $40 game for PC, soon to be a disc version for X360 and PS3.


SF4 is the original Street Fighter IV, which came out in arcades first in… 2008? And later on PS3 and 360 in 2009, I believe. It only has 25 characters, and every character only has one Ultra.

SSF4 is Super Street Fighter IV, which has 35 characters (added Adon, Cody, DeeJay, Dudley, Guy, Hakan, Ibuki, Juri, Makoto, and T. Hawk), and each character can choose one of two Ultras. It also included new stages and several balance changes and tweaks that makes each character just slightly different. For example, Sagat was the best character in the original SF4, but in SSF4 he was not as good. SSF4 was only ever released on console, it was never in arcade form.

SSF4 AE is Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, which has 39 characters (added Yun, Yang, Oni, Evil Ryu). Gameplay-wise it is the same as SSF4, but with a few more balance changes. Arcade Edition was released in arcades (as the name says) first, in late 2010 but just recently got a console release.


oh… Thanks for the info guys… Very Well explained… Now i can sleep better… :smiley: I really Appreciated it… More power.! ^^,