Difference between spectating and paying for a tournament?


So NCR is coming up and the deadline is pretty much today for late registration. Spectating is free, but it costs 45$ for a venue fee seemingly, with the addition of 10$ per game. Now I don’t plan on entering the tournament (But I really do want to) because of a schedule conflict on Day 1 of the tournament (can’t skip microbio), and am wondering what the difference is between the two. I definitely plan on going on Saturday and Sunday for sures. Does spectating mean you can’t play casuals or rotate around the venue?


Yoou can go and play casuals. I went to NCR twice without entering. Casuals usually happen the night before and of. Rarely people get time to play.


Yeah a spectator pass at anything normally allows you to jump into any casuals. To get into the actual pools and brackets you have to pay the entry fee per game you want to compete in.


noob question: the final pot split between the top 3 is made up of all venue, spectator, and tournament fees right?


No. Tournament pots come from tournament entry fees and pot bonuses (if any). Venue and spectator fees go towards venue rental and other tournament overhead. Leftovers (if any) are profit. Some TOs also throw some of the leftover venue/spectator fees into pot bonuses.