Difference between stock se joystick and JLF

what exactly is the difference between the stock madcatz SE joystick and the Sanwa JLF joystick?

the pushbuttons are obviously different as i can tell from reading the threads, but i’ve yet to read something concerning the performance difference between the sticks.

The SE stick doesn’t use any of the same parts, it’s a knockoff. The JLF has a much smoother feel and better microswitches.

The SE stick is definitely made for less of a beating, it starts to wear much faster too.


basically what luckyday said, the corners are super unsmooth. It also doesn’t sound very good when you hit the corners.

I think the microswitches are the worst part. One of these days I’d like to see what a Madkatz feels like with a Sanwa PCB on it, I bet it’d be pretty decent.

^^I agree. I think the switches being swapped would make it decent. I might do that with mine just to have a cheap working stick.

It feels pretty good but the TP-MA doesn’t really fit well with the stock gate since the holes on the joysticks base don’t line up with the switches on the TP-MA. If that makes any sense :rofl:.

I’ve tried a Sanwa joystick with a Madcatz SE joystick’s PCB when I had no Sanwa PCB and the microswitches felt similar to Sanwa. Although they felt less ‘snappy’. It didn’t feel too bad using this configuration but using the SE stock joystick alone is not that great compared to a Sanwa.

I think someone is still selling Sanwa microswitches in the trading post, $15. I’d imagine buying a couple of shaft springs would go a long way towards making it feel completely legit.