Difference between Super armor and Hyper armor in UMvsC3?


What is the difference between Super armor and Hyper armor in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

I thought it was:
Super Armor: after enough hits (usually just 1) any additional hits will hit-stun opponent
**Hyper Armor: ** as long as that character has hyper armor, no amount of hits will cause hit-stun on opponent (like Hsien-Ko level 3 super or Arthur Gold armor super).

The thing that is confusing me is that I looked up the UMvsC3 Patch notes for Marvel characters at:
and I tried testing out the moves that are supposed to have Super Armor

  • Hulk’s Gamma Charge
  • Sentinel ground S.Launcher
  • She-Hulk charged Chariot (do not press input after running start)

I mean, I don’t know what Super Armor is, so might as well look it up right? I tested it out, and I can’t really tell what has super armor or not… most of the time you can stop Sentinel’s S.Launcher with most hits, sometimes he seems invincible until he stops kicking (its sometimes confusing b/c I hear the fire from sentinel’s kicks can negate projectiles).

Hulk’s Gamma Charge, at first seemed to be invincible, seems to be 1 point of super armor because Sentinel’s 5-hit stading H laser will stop a Hulk’s Gamma Charge and cause 4-hits.

And She Hulk’s charged Chariot? Its suposed to have super armor, but I’ve never seen ANYTHING stop that (except throws).

Could somebody please explain to me what super armor is? Thank you.

Note that hyper armor is a little obscure even among fighting game players (only a handful of characters ever have had hyper armor), and some people will refer to both as super armor.

The difference in super and hyper armor is in the number of hits they can take, your definition is correct. Super armor can take anywhere from 1-5 hits before it is “broken”, while hyper armor can never be broken.

The number of hits a super armored move can take depends on the move. Juggernaut had one hit of super armor on many of his moves in MvC2. Sentinel’s low M takes 3? hits to break.

When the move has super armor also depends on the move. Some moves might have armor only during their startup, or only after their startup. Hulk’s charge punch has one hit of super armor - but only while it’s charging up. Viper’s focus attack has hyper armor but also only while it’s charging up. When used normally without charge, these moves basically have no armor at all.

Moves that cause ground bounce instantly break super or hyper armor. I’d assume wall bounce falls in the same category.

Uh…no you can’t ground bounce or wall bounce hyper armor.

Easy example is trying to hit Gold Armor Hsien-Ko with a wall/ground bounce or a spinning knockdown like the first hit on Gamma Crush. She’ll ignore it like everything else that isn’t a throw.

I think you’re just stating the typical (just to make sure), but Nemesis’ Biohazard Rush for one has 10 hits of super armor.

Moves that cause a captured state, like Tron’s Beacon Bomb, also stop armour of any kind. I’ve used this to chill out Sentinels or gold Hsien-Kos.