Difference between tiers

Hello all,

so I ordered AE a few days ago (I don’t have super so just bought the AE cd).
I went on the internet to check some characters out to help me choose a main.

But I wanted to know, are the differences between tiers big?
I’ve been lookin at the tier list from Daigo, Mago and Tokido (the only ones I could find.).

Is it really alot harder to win if you play a low tier character?

I think that character love is important too =P but I just wanted to know this.

Player skill is the biggest factor, but after a certain point, character differences will come into play. Play who you like, but if you are aiming to win tournaments and stuff, you might want to pick a good character, just saying.

Daigo loves the card system, and winning points in it. Well, more then he loves Ryu anyway.

pick a character that interests you/who seems fun to learn/play.

Play who interests you as a main and as a secondary character you can pick up someone “high tier” so you have the best of both worlds. I find I have more success when I stay away from charge character myself, i’ve just never been very good with them. Charge characters might be top tier, but they’re never top tier in my hands. :slight_smile:

Unless you’re playing at the level of top 8 at any majors, the tier lists shouldn’t matter to you as a beginner.
Play who you want. You will enjoy learning your character more. When you get good enough then it will click with you whether you want to grind it out with your favourite or switch out.

yeah, tiers matter less at the lower of the levels, but you may find eventually that playing hakan for the love of the game will cost you a few windows. I would say in AE the top 3 are noticiably better than the rest of the cast, but the top 15 or so are realistically usable.