Difference from offline/online Viper?



Sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere else or another thread completely (delete and point me in the right direction if so) but I wanted to know the differences. Not like general defense problems you have online but specific things Viper can or can not do online that she can offline.

Thanks in advance.


She can’t win online.


Offline=limitless possibilities. Online= c.mp > TK, all day. All you have to do to win is know how to block random Uppercuts anyway.


Well I can tell you what I can and can’t do online.

What I can do is anything basic. Like c.HP to EX seismo, super jump burn kicks, seismo/tk feints…etc. Even FFF isn’t terrible online if the connection is good.

Any just frame links like close s.MP, c.MP or s.LKx2, c.MP don’t work. These are a couple of my close range setups into ultra or MP knuckle and in the lag…I get to get DP’d out of these. YAY! SJC FADC is a bitch online. Especially if you’re trying to tag on the Uryo sweep or Ultra at the end. Anything that involves a reset. Most of the other things I can’t do involve trying to protect myself from what other people are doing to me. Like blocking cross ups correctly, teching throws, AAing with HP knuckle…all that crap becomes much harder to do reactively online.


That pretty much answers your question


I can pretty much list the problems for every bar.

1 bar=you can’t do fuck all.

2 bar= can’t control your BK trajectories properly, no FFF, no Seismo chains, no links, no SJC>Ultra, no juggling into Ultra and no SJC FADC, period. Hard to even do feints.

3 bars=can control your BK trajectories, can do some links, can do Seismo chains, FFF is possible but hard, cr.mp/cr.mk>SJC>Ultra is possible but hard, juggling into Ultra is normal, no SJC FADC usually. Feints are standard.

4 bars=Same as 3 bars but the more advanced stuff is easier. SJC FADC>Ultra is possible but no SJC FADC>sweep.

5 bars=everything is possible but SJC FADC>sweep is still awkward.

Offline= no issues obviously, unless your TV’s laggy.

Online is a pain in the backside for Viper unless you’re playing in good connections and even then you can still get messed up.


This pretty much sums up Viper online.

I’m usually good with a 4-5 bars connection.


Ok I can do all those links but no idea about the SJC FADC thing you’re talking about cause well I’ve never tried to do it. This is probably all because I play online 95% of my game for SF where you don’t even play 50% of your game online haha. Cause I am the same way with Blazblue.

I also only use Viper in 4/5 bar connections. Thanks for all the input everyone else as I was highly curious to the issues.


1 bar can be applied to any character. 1 or 2 bars in sf4 is just unplayable, period.

Everything else is pretty on point though. I can do FFF fairly well on 4 bars, but it always feels awkward. Same with links. I can do them well enough with 4 bars, just not as well as offline. I can hit most of my FFFs on 4 bar, but even when I pull them off they always feel weird. Offline you feel like you’re controlling every part of FFF. Online you feel as if you have to just try and guess at when to feint then hit the next fierce, etc. I still try everything online though. The matches don’t mean shit anyways so there’s no point in playing safely.

Funny you mention a laggy tv though. Laggy tvs are worse than playing online sometimes. Like my tv on a 4 bar connection is better than some tvs I’ve played on offline. We have a Sony 42" LCD in our living room at my house and I can’t do a damn thing on that because it’s so laggy. I play on a Panasonic plasma in my room and it feels a lagless as CRT monitors I’ve played on.


Lol, it’s really that bad?


I could never play at my full potential unless it’s a green bar connection, and even then, random lag spikes really mess me up a lot.

I’m practically done playing online as it is…


Green bar connections don’t mean shit. I play with locals out here online and its ALWAYS a green bar connection, but the random lag spikes, slow down, and input delays are still horrible. Offline is the only way to go, anything is possible with viper online whether it be SJC’ing to FFF but your only hurting yourself with having to adjust your timing playing online. I cant recall how many times I’ve spent hours in training mode mastering everything then hopping online only to alter my timing and having to deal with dropped inputs and lag, only to go back to offline play and fucking up 80 % of the stuff I JUST PRACTICED!

Edit: Thats why it’s best to stick to simple viper online (I.E c.mp<mp TK, FP<EX Siesmo<BK ect.)


K; cant win online at all. I am a noob Viper, but I can beast some fairly good people offline and not at all online. Want to ask something though…

When you play online, do you play to win or to learn? Im not sure whether I should be adjusting my play to win matches online or sticking to how I should play, regardless of lag, in order to learn for more important matches offline. What do you think?


^^^ You play just to play. Online play is all jokes 'cause, well, it’s online. Same goes for ALL competitive video games.
Online is just arcade mode with a more competent and laggy opponent than the CPU.

You going to local sessions?

If you guys ever need another Viper to roll through, let me know mang, always a good experience to learn new match-up strats and tricks first hand with other peoples.


Play to learn unless its a tournament. If you have a choice on a punish between something you know will work and something you’re not sure about, go with what you’re not sure about. Helps you breakthrough and learn different strategies that may come in handy later. At least this is what i like to think.


lol i feel it online too. its like her move list gets cut in half or something lol.


(begin rant)
SF4 isnt SF4 when its online, its something else all together. They are two entirely different games. In the real SF4 I could never in a million years get a reversal ultra from gief during a very simple 2 jab block sting (with ryu) but online- yeah its happened to me 3 times now. Bottom line is that online play is total BS for the most part and does very little to actually make your better at the game. In fact as somebody said if you get your timing down with viper offline in training mode its not gonna help you one bit in the online mode and will actually make you worse when you leave and begin playing the real SF4 again. Anymore I normally pick random cause it matches perfectly with the game I play online anyways, random BS 4. (end rant)


Woah, so there IS a difference between online and offline viper?

Im glad.

I was just coming to say how disappointed i was that my Viper was unable to win anything online, while kicking all my friends asses offline.

I still suck, im sure, but its nice to know at least SOME of my suckage wasnt my fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, today is my first day with online vs possibilities, so i feel like an absolute noob.


It sucks when there aren’t any active arcades or players that you know in the area. v__v


Just to clear up a few superstitions, here because I recently picked up Viper online as a secondary to my Abel.

As alot of people here have said, online and offline are two completely different creatures, with the same coat, color, eye shade, attributes, style, and scent. To be perfectly honest, the biggest difference is really the level of what you’re facing both on and offline, and the ability to put on a good show. (Aka Get away with more crap)

Linking is really difficult online, there is a chance you’ll be able to do what you have intended but odds are you won’t. Odds are you’ll also be fighting Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sagat primarily, and Chun, Guile, Rufus, and Rog as you move up the ladders.

G3 - Enjoy the J.HK > c. Hk Ken, he loves that move.

G2 - Enjoy the J.Hk > c. Hk Ken, he loves that move. But he might throw you. Blanka might make an appearance.

G1 - Not terrible, not all that bad. Might meet some turtles, but you can win.

SG - I wouldn’t know.

I wouldn’t consider myself good enough to take C.Viper outside of a few good connections G2 games with my ass still connected, but just using her and her high flying, high speed, stylish combos for a few hundred online matches I can tell you most importantly.

[]Keep it simple.
]Know the character, play the player.
[]If you can punish it, then punsh it.
]You will lose, alot. Alot of times to bullshit, but everytime you lose or even get hit, you did something wrong so learn from it regardless.
[]Online players are typically more aggressive then the guy next to you in the arcade, keep this in mind.
]If you lose to something, or have thrown your way out of a round to one move, just focus on beating it.
[*] Understand your connection, try to get it out of the way very quickly. Once you know what you can do in a fight, your options open up. I try to start with light attacks till I know what I can do against my opponent, then open it up.

I will not lie, that playing with complex characters like Fei Long, and Cammy which require alot of timing and practice to excell with is frustrating and usually not worth the effort, but to those who still do they’ve made a decent mark on the SF4 community.

Like I said, just keep it simple and play to play, play to win, or play to learn. Usually you’ll get a few portions of each, everytime you power up the game. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, and can stomach seeing Ryu every ten seconds, then I guarantee you’ll do fine in online.

Viper in particular just has a bit of jet lag.