Difference in clear and clear white seimitsu buttons?

I got my stick art in from Art’s Hobbies a few weeks ago and I’ve finally got the funds to order the plexiglass and buttons. Unfortunately the clear seimitsu buttons I was going to order from focus attack are sold out in both snap-in and screw-in. http://www.focusattack.com/seimitsu-ps14-kn-30mm-screw-button/ The buttons below from paradise arcade appear to be the same but with something white where my button art would be. Is it possible to remove whatever that is and put my art into those buttons?


It’s the same product. Seimitsu PS-14-K(N).

Yes, you can pop open the button and place art in there. The white is just part of the button’s design.

The Focus Attack has the white also.
Can you not see?

All the colors have white actually.
It is the Plunger that actuates the Microswitch.

You cannot remove the white to put your art under the Cap.
Because there would be nothing for the art to place on.
And your Button would not function.