Difference in stick/button spacing for rap4 kai vs TE?


I’ve read that the HRAP 4 kai has extra spacing between the stick and the buttons. How does this compare to the mad catz TE2+ and TE S+?

Does anyone have the actual measurements?

How is the spacing measured? From the stick to the left most button?

I’m looking to switch from my Real Arcade Pro 3 and would like something with sitar spacing since I’m used to that.


There’s a website that shows all the spacings. I’ll try to find it.

Ok here you go.


The 59mm spacing (center of joystick to center of bottom left (LK) button is what the VLX/Madcatz TE/Qanba Q4raf, etc use.
There is no exact layout shown there for the Kai as it isn’t exactly standard.
I could be wrong; maybe the Kai is the one with the 95mm layout. It’s really hard to tell without two pictures at perfect scale.

Here’s how they compare in the real world:


Hayabusa (also goes for Madcatz, Qanba based JLF sticks, etc).


Hope this helps.