[Difference?] Seimitsu LS-55 VS. Seimutsu LS-56


What exactly is the difference between a Seimitsu LS-55 and a Seimitsu LS-56?

I originally wanted a LS-56 but my builder doesn’t have it in stock right now and won’t be able to get one for a couple of weeks but he has the Seimitsu LS-55 aswell as the Sanwa JLF in stock…

Goddamn this is frustrating, CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES!!!


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LS-56 uses a lubricated ball bearing (like JLF, LS-32, etc.) while LS-55 has an entirely different mechanism that doesn’t require lubrication.


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I would go with the LS-56 + octagonal restrictor.


Hey man,

how long would it take approximately to receive a LS-56 from you? I’m from Toronto Canada.


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I almost didn’t do this but I don’t honestly think you can find it on your own


Read that and ask joystick questions there


The ls56 has a better pivot. The ls55 uses a spring and a washer, while the ls56 has a greased pivot disk & the 56 has a shorter engage. Get the ls56.


I asked neogeo the same question and hear right the ls56 just feels better.


Read that before I made the thread, doesn’t say anything specifically about the difference between a 55 anda 56.

Thanks, for the explanation hugeballs.