I recently finished gutting a T5 Stick and replacing all of the buttons , stick, and PCB. It’s running a JLF, Siemitsu buttons, and a toodles chtulu board. The thing plays like a DREAM now. I was just wondering is there a HUGE difference play wise beween a completely re-done T5 versus say a HRAP 3 or TE stick?

Not really. The biggest difference is that all three of those have different arrangements for the buttons.

There’s a small difference between the Seimitsu buttons and the Sanwas that the TE uses, but both are excellent buttons and a lot of people can’t tell the difference. I don’t know if the HRAP3 used Hori buttons offhand, or if it had actual Sanwas, but if it’s using Hori buttons, they’re definitely lower quality than your Seimitsu’s. Your stick is the same that’s used in both, so other than possibly a minor button difference, and a different layout, they’re very similar.

I wouldn’t say that people can’t tell the difference between the Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons, it is a pretty big difference. But both are high-quality arcade parts compared to the Horis that were originally in the T5.

As the first post said, the button layout between the HRAP2/3 is different than the layout for the HRAP1/T5 case, so that would be the only difference in feel for the two sticks once a JLF is modified in and your buttons are replaced. The stick otherwise is identical in weight and general dimensions. The T5 mod is pretty much a cheaper HRAP1., cheaper in price that is, not quality.

shrugs I can tell the difference, but I’ve had a couple of random local people tell me they could tell any significant difference between them. Of the people I know, most of the ones that can tell a difference feel very strongly one way or another. I personally prefer Sanwa buttons, but have a friend who won’t use anything but Seimitsu.

Awesome, I was just wondering as I want to make a ps2 stick. Didn’t know if it was worth paying the extra cash for a Hrap and gutting it or just doing another T5.