Differences between 3s AE Xbox/PS2 and DC version


There were two revisions with major differences released for the arcades: Rev. 990512 and 990608. 990608 fixed a minor bug(the one where the game resets if Ken beats Makoto with neutral throw) and removed unblockables, more specifically Urien’s and Oro’s, and is not played by anyone who is remotely serious about the game.

Dreamcast uses 990608, SF Anniversary Collection uses 990512. Both are not arcade perfect, though SFAC has been widely preferred due to the revision it uses.

3SOE uses 990512 WITH Ken&Makoto throw reset bug fixed.

I was playing the Xbox version for 3 days and decided to hook up the Dreamcast version today. I noticed a couple of things:

*- the DC version was slightly faster *
- the DC version with the vga adapter looks better than the Xbox that is connected with component cables
- it seemed like the Xbox version the characters sounds (intro, win and taunt) on default were barely audible

Can people tell me the differences they know of between all the home versions?


A few additional details about the PS2 version are, 1) incorrect speed, it played faster than the arcade or Xbox version, 2) not 100% certain on this but some unblockable setups behaved differently, 3) Akuma’s f + mp is throwable, it was throw invincible in the arcade version, 4) the arcade glitches of the Makoto neutral throw bug and Yang’s Sei enbu bug were removed. Graphically, the console versions have the incorrect colour for 2p Urien’s Aegis Reflector, Ryu’s duffel remains immobile when a knockdown occurs in its vicinity, (it topples over in the arcade version), incorrect colours for 2p Hugo and Roxy/Poison, and that’s about it for what I remember. The other forum goers should be able to give you a more complete rundown.


it just feels off*.*

many dedicated arcade 3rd strike player can play ps2/xbox/dc and pick the differences out on a random blind test.

imo dc looks the best, but feels so goofy its funny
ps2 is the most arcade perfect as far as gameplay but the speed is significantly faster. Try kara shoryu on cps3 and try on ps2, its like a completely different timing.
Xbox feels like hyperstrike to me. I swear i have the worst execution on xbox.

the game was designed for cps3. Theres certain things that are impossible on console. for example, a lot of tough hit confirms are difficult on cps3, but IMPOSSIBLE on console.

console sucks


What particular hit confirms would those be? Just curious, I do remember there being less time to confirm Ken’s cr mk to shippu.


I really don’t understand what you mean by the DC version “feels so goofy its funny.” When you talk about hit confirms on console, I guess it might be more difficult because the PS2 is faster. I don’t know why your executions is worse on the Xbox? Well, I just threw my Xbox version on and noticed there was arranged music that is not on the Dreamcast. Thanks for you input. Most tournaments used the DC version?


Ps2 was standard, although seems like the few majors that still support 3s have been getting arcade 3s more than they used to. Actually makes me sad to not be able to go to majors outside cali (altho cali majors hate on 3s more than anyone now)


I’ve had the chance to play on cab recently and it’s startlingly different. It seems stupid how such small things can make it feel so different but they really do.

We played emu after cps3 and it seemed just plain fast by comparison. there must be dropped frames and the framerate is not the same, it may just be inconsistent in different ways or whatever but it is faster by quite a bit.


DC has native input lag on triggers or whatever
you have to dig through tech talk forums for that one.
DC was also capable of outputting the game in different res’s
IIRC L+start on the game startup gave you the 3S in the native deinterlaced 210p or someshit like that
that ones easily trackable on google


Pretty much everyone answered why DC version is the worst port. It was pretty, though. And yes, the speed difference on PS2/XBox to arcade are different to the point where a lot of hitconfirms are either harder or virtually impossible on console. Even Justin Wong said that he didn’t have as much consistency with hitconfirming on PS2 than the arcade, so that should tell you something. XBox version was apparently even faster than the PS2, but I only played on it like once so I can’t say anything.

PS2 was the standard for console tourns since everyone was playing on that version anyway.


They have not answered with any real info about the DC. I have been playing the DC and Xbox versions; as far as gameplay is concerned the DC is faster. I am inclined to agree with the execution part for the Xbox (like Ryan said), but I have no rational reason as to why. At the end of the day nothing compares to the arcade version and when the 360 online edition comes out people will still say the arcade version is better. People are already complaining about the color of the Aegis Reflectors. I will just rock out on both versions until the 360 version is out. I use adapters for a PS2 stick on the DC and Xbox. So one adapter could introduce input lag, thus my Xbox execution issues?


you’re asking questions about two ports that came out 7 and 11 years ago.
we’re basically answering questions for ports that we gave up on and switched to ps2 for (even then most people just dropped console altogether)
everything is mad hazy and distant.
why dont you search in tech talk and this board for straight answers when they were still fresh and mattered?


In your snarky reply you you kinda answered the over-arching un-asked question (PS2 is what was settled on). I did do a search before making this thread and ***I ***didn’t find anything. If you know of some info you could always send me a link.


googled this.
i think ibuki unblockable was taken out in 608 too.

my point is
if a port is bad or theres a better one. the inferior one gets dropped.
DC was inferior. back then people could give you screen shots and details.
now no one cares and you’re just gonna get IIRC statements and no ones gonna bother to actually test it.


Thanks for the link.


I find it funny that you say dc version was faster because iirc it as actually a lot slower. Maybe not slower but it lagged a bit. I think we counted it to 11 frames of lag using my friends program pad.


Yeah I read that in the link Gasp sent me. I think I settled on just playing on the Xbox until it comes out for the 360.


Even on default settings the PS2/Xbox versions had different damage settings. It’s pretty easy to notice that on PS2/Xbox damage doesn’t drain as fast as on the Ver A arcade. KO Fiend used to always complain that Yang didn’t do enough damage in the console version which screwed up the amount of mix ups he needed to kill somebody. He literally felt that Yang was worse on the tier in the console version because of that. I remember Xenozip saying that the way they made the unblockables work in the console version was done artificially so that mashing left and right on the stick would sometimes allow you to escape. That issue supposedly is the same reason why Ibuki’s unblockable doesn’t work. Something about how 2 meaty attacks landing at the same time causes unblockables in the arcade but doesn’t do so as well on console.

I remember someone even saying supposedly that they had actually FOUND an unblockable for Yun in the PS2 version using his SA2 but I was never able to confirm. It was probably just some random rumor.


i remember hearing yang did less stun too…


Yang does do less stun. KOFiend started playing Yun on console because of it… BUT, in the long run…

I tested it out where I was Yang in both the CPS3 version and the PS2 version, and quite honestly, combos did the exact same stun. Took the same amount of hits to get the same character stunned… If anything, it might take 1 more jab on the PS2 version than the CPS3 version…

I will confirm that I recall realizing that the combos overall did less damage. I needed EX Mantis to really do anything worth doing.


After spending the last few days in the Xbox version of SFAC, I can say that this game is really… weird.

Execution is extremely inconsistent.
Superjumps and C&DB makes the game slowdown and this will actually cause muscle memory to fail (unless you’re on Remy’s stage).
Color selection for Roundhouse and Fierce don’t match CPS3.

Combos still work, though… sometimes.