Differences between 3s and 2i?

what do you mean, the sound effects sound better when you hit somebody (compared to 3rd strike’s sound effects)?

Oh, 2i Hugo how i miss you so… poke,poke,poke,poke,poke,poke,HAMMER FRENZY

and his infinite was so easy.

I vaugley remember him having an infinite. If your talking about repeated HCB+K in the corner, I thought that this only worked on Gill.

Refresh me on what it was and whether or not it worked on everybody or if it was character specific.

Thanks :tup:

Yeah. The wet slap sound in 2I is better IMO than the one in 3s. It’s thick and meaty in 2I yet is seems a little weak in 3S. I also like how the thickness of the life bar in 2I makes it appear as if the attacks are doing more damage (not that they aren’t or anything). The thin bars in 3s make me feel as if my work is cut out for me :sad: . It’s no big deal though. I’m also trying to figure out what the fuck happened to all of Sean’s win poses!

Not sure if it was New Generation or 2I, where Sean could cancel out Fireballs with his crouching jab.

Ibuki was a beast in 2I, she had so many chain combos & links to supers(her broken ass super)


Near corner, Wall throw then clap…then clap again, and again, and again, and again…until they die.

Sean was more violent than Ryu with 2 stock Hyper Tornado + moves that acutally comboed

I Loved the victory/loss screens in 2i…especially that hot ass one of elena. I’d take that over seeing a b+ anyday.

<<< ahh you mean this? Me too.

I remember that you lost your meter after each round in 2I.

thats the one dude… thats the one.

Speaking of the loss/win screens, does anybody know where I can find all of them?

actually, no. it was only if you picked the “change SA after each round” mode on DC.

in 2nd Impact, you could “tiger knee cancel” specials, not only with SA’s.

-cr HP did not knock down
-boomerang raid was easily linkable after a jab Flash Chop.
-boomerang raid’s bar was short. like Seiei short.

simply was awesome. too many changes to list.

-could hit confirm SA2 from ANYTHING.
-no shitty-esque far st MK.
-cr HK was the same as Yang’s.
-his leap attack(UOH) did not hit the same way(hard to link anything but SA2).

don’t know.

-bounce closer after a guarded chicken kick.
-no EX yagyu dama or SA1.

-was hella good actually. you do not want to get hit by sean with 1 sa charged.

-shippu was a “point blank SA”(got to guard it BEFORE the flash).
-shippu linked from everything, but had awful damage scaling.
-lp DP goes higher, recovers slower and is shitty.
-crossup mk, mp-hp target, lp DP cancel shinryuken was hella more easy to land.
-ex tatsu, link shippu(horrid damage reduce, though)

-dive kick galore.
-raging demon was LP, forward, LK, HP. so kara demon was easier.

-cr HP, ex headbutt x3. the stun…
-spheres were less useful.
-juggles were a lot different.

-could link SA2 after his lk, mk, hk target.
-cr lk, cr mk = target.

-could be juggled when boucing off the ground.
-could do up to 6 lp’s before cancelling into Hammer Frenzy.
-his semi infinite.

don’t know what else to add. but there is probably a lot more.

Sean was the hotness in 2nd impact man he was the shit, fuckin slam dunk upper he was dope dunno why they screwed him over in 3s :lame:

Um could someone easily just say what the major differences were for Ibuki & Sean in 3S & DI?

^^^ Yeah, that’s it. I guess Yun could be included on that.

Giga breaker question

I could have sworn that Hugo’s Giga breaker did more damage than the 3s version did correct me if I am wrong.


also 2i had destructable scenery, and elenas board had that two level drop down thing after the first round.

Differences between 2I Sean and 3S Sean


  • Sean is playable


  • There is no Sean in this game. Whoever that little black nigga is with the high ass voice, it sure ain’t Sean, with his no stun doing ass.