Differences between arcade and DC MvsC2

I don’t know that I’ve ever posted here… I just lurk and lurk… no matter. I’m about to get a new Naomi kit from arcadeshock of MvsC2. I’ve played this for years on the DC, but now I can get it for my arcade room, and so I did. Can’t wait.

However, what (if any) are the differences between these two? I know the DC is the best home version, but is the arcade better still? Anyone anyone? I did a search (as, again, I’m a pro lurker) but couldn’t find the answer. Thanks,

The differences: dc pads, comfortable places to sit, cool mode select music, training mode and option menu. Oh, and pausing.

Great, now can I get a real answer? I hear that combos are missing, some animation is missing… at the select screen? Anyone else care to take a stab?

Hes right, those are the only changes. Lol, Its arcade perfect I guess.

There is no animation at the select screen. In arcade and DC are just stagnant pictures of fighters in the character select…they don’t move.

As far as gameplay differences don’t know…

All combos are their, some glitches do not work, there isnt “the slowdown” on Naomi that is in DC (ram), besides that everything in DC is arcade perfect.

the DC version is 99% arcade perfect.

why did the DC get all the arcade perfect 2d games what was it about that system that attracted good ports?

angel: its hardware was similar to that of arcades ( I think it had a naomi board? I dunno I’m not a tech)

lol A3 and ST were most definitely not arcade perfect.

:sweat: never played those two on dreamcast

Fixed, and Vampire Chronicle, while wasn’t an arcade port, was a poorly made game, a far cry from the original Vampire Savior (or any of the other Vampire games), it was AE but done really shitty.

Because the DC is a Naiomi, only with less ram.

the arcade version is also slower than dc.

personally imo it can affect gameplay drastically because of speed differences if you are used to one or the other.

im sorry, but the minor speed difference is hardly a factor. it takes like 2 seconds to adjust. i highly doubt any player is pulling off and actually trying to do meikyosisui 1 frame combos all day. is speed different, yes, but how can you fucking tell with a game thats that fast? back when i used to play the game, i could go back and forth between the 2 games completely effortlessly.

im sorry, but that speed excuse dont fly with me, especially when the word “drastically” or “extreme” come into play. i just dont buy it. lol the naomi prts are probably a whole whopping 2 frames faster per second, if that. and even if it did throw you off, you would adjust in like 1 or 2 games, i dont see how anyone couldnt.

i remember years ago that viscant mentioned that anakaris is way different on dc. he doesnt work as well with his guard break lockdowns that he does for guarunteed death. but thats only a complaint he would care for realistically.

I remember trying out Dr.Doom’s unblockable c.rh kick in both DC and arcade. It seems that it is a little less unblockable in the arcade version…doesn’t work as much as DC.

DC version is a Bit faster.

Stagnant? I think you mean stationary. :confused:

Because the Playstation didn’t have enough RAM to run the games, the PS2 wasn’t out, and even after it did come out, there were PS2 supply shortages for nearly a year.

Supposedly Storms hail does more chip damage in the Arcade version.