Differences between arcade and ps2/x-box 3rd strike?

Just curious

one thing i saw was that urien’s aegis is stronger.

Counts down till lock:rolleyes:


the Differences arent that great dont worry about it

I disagree, the PS2 version owns the Xcawk version for free - but thats just my opinion
listen carefully to the music on the character selection screen on the X-Box version, it seems somehow to slip out of sync ever-so-slightly compared to CPS3 and PS2.

They’re not too bright with their glitches Capcom.

Now I KNOW this thread has been done before.

Sry if it has, lock it if necessary

someone should make a thread with all the version differences for every game then sticky it.

You lunatic! All you did was copy & pasted another thread title (MVC2 differences) & change the game title!