Differences between ASUS VH236H and ASUS VH238H?

I’ve recently been looking for a monitor that I can use to hook my ps3 up with as well hook my laptop up with for an additional screen. After some research, it looks like SRK and MLG use the 236H which is an LCD monitor while the 238H is an LED monitor. I read that the LED monitor is more energy efficient and it’s also cheaper on Amazon compared to the LCD version. Though is there any difference in response time when gaming and are there any other features exclusive to one of the monitors? I initially leaned towards the 236H since it’s what was highly recommended for its price and performance but it seems like the 238H is cheaper, but I don’t want a laggy monitor.

A quick Amazon search states that the 238H has a 2ms response time, same as the 236H. So their latency should be exactly the same.

You shouldn’t rely on specs listed as 2ms and 1ms response time listed in the specs could mean the same thing because there are no standards for properly and accurately listing those features, the same with the contrast ratio which could be dynamic or fixed.

Anyway, I believe the difference is with backlighting. The VH238H is LED edge-lit while the VH236H is older hence most likely CCFL.

I have no idea in terms of actual response times as monitor reviews are hard to come by because monitor manufacturers aren’t very keen on sending them out for testing unlike other hardware manufacturers for some reason.

Response time is not input lag.

I know your interest is latency but on a side note if the opportunity presents itself go with LED, they aren’t prone to blowing out like CCFL’s are.

Hmm, I’ll probably do a bit more research before I pull the trigger and buy one of the monitors. I’m leaning towards the LED right now due to price and if I get it, I’ll test for input lag and report it somewhere if I can’t find anyone else that has done so.

This is purely from my feel alone so take this with a grain of salt. Ive owned both of those monitors and am currently using the VH238H now and I notice no difference in input lag. I played SSF4 on both of them a lot. The 238H monitors are much brighter and have much better contrast when calibrated properly.