Differences between Hardware and the quality of each Fightstick?


Hello there. I am a pretty moderate level fighting game player and I only recently started using a fight stick; A controller seemed pretty suitable up until I got into the higher ranks online. So I went out and purchased myself the Tekken 6 Boxset with Fightstick and I have been working on getting used to it. However, this has brought me to wonder a few things:

What makes fightsticks better than controllers? It seems as though the motions I can do with my thumbs easily are harder to do with my entire hand.

Why do people Mod their fightsticks? Are there any differences between the ‘Hori’ buttons in my Tekken pad than there are in the Madcatz pad?

And if I am going to need to mod my fightstick, what are the best parts and easiest ways to do so? I’ve looked on the boards and online for some definitive answers but all I’ve gotten are noob-unfriendly answers that merely tell me what company may or may not subjectively have superiority over another, and how Convex buttons may be better than Concave. Etc.

Essentially, I just want to know about the use of Fightsticks.

Thank you for your help!



This is the best place to start


Many players prefer sticks over controllers as they feel that stick give them more precise control. Learning to use a stick also allows you to play anywhere without having to worry about what console the game is being run on. However, using a stick isn’t a necessity for being an excellent player, Shizza from SoCal plays on a pad and is one of, if not the best, Chun in the USA.

People mod their sticks for a number of reasons. Some do it so that they can use their stick on multiple consoles, others use custom sticks that are tuned to better fit how they use their sticks, and some do it for the aesthetics. In the case of buttons Sanwa’s are considered to be better then Hori’s. So players with Hori sticks sometimes modify their sticks by replacing the Hori buttons with Sawna ones to improve their sticks handling.

The Madcatz TE stick is a sturdy stick that comes with great parts right out of the box. If you don’t want to hassle with modding a stick, then the TE is one of the best options.


Ah, thank you for the link and explanation! I’llbe reading through them thoroughly.


Lurk in tech talk for awhile. You will learn alot. The advantage in a stick lies not in the joystick itself, but in the buttons (imho). You can access all of the buttons simultaneously on a stick but only a few at a time on a pad. I think a stick vs a dpad for motion inputs is subjective.

Also, I hate the term “fightstick.” But that’s just me. Whatev.


“fightstick” is a madcatz product. the tekken 6 box set comes with a hori joystick.

i like playing on sticks because i feel like that the game was designed for them. also, because it takes longer to do things, it’s more precise.

people mod their sticks because they like the feel of it. there is no “best” stick since it’s all subjective. there really is no way to find out what you like best except to try it.
the tekken 6 stick uses buttons made from hori, the madcatz se fightstick uses buttons made from madcatz, and the madcatz te stick uses buttons made from sanwa. they all have different properties… some buttons are more sensitive, some buttons are more springy, etc. etc.

i don’t think there’s an easy way to mod the tekken 6 stick. i think it requires soldering and desoldering.

personally, going from hori to sanwa i didn’t feel too much of a difference. but going to seimitsu made a big difference, in terms of feel. gameplay wise i play the same though.


I’ve got a nice blister on my finger that would disagree with you on that first point there

What do you call it? I generally refer to it as a joystick or an arcade stick/pad because that’s what we always called them when i was a kid


Definitely check out teck talk. The first post in the noobie thread has a “what arcade stick should you buy” post, which has some of the differences in the big mass market sticks.


The tekken doesn’t use real arcade parts, btw.