Differences between LK, MK, and HK Legs? Questions about Legs in general

I’m sorry if this has been asked already, I did search but only found sparse information here and there.

LK Legs - Slow Startup, fast recovery
MK Legs - Med Startup, medium recovery
HK Legs - Fast Startup, slow recovery

Is this correct? I notice I cannot link Standing Fierce or Ultra after HK Legs, but I can after MK Legs.

Is there a sure fire way to link HK Legs to MK Legs without just mashing buttons and hoping stuff works?

I’m having trouble linking Legs to anything without first buffering the inputs on a jump in.

LK Legs - 4 frames start up, +2 block, +6 hit
MK Legs - 7 frames start up, +0 block, +4 hit
HK Legs - 7 frames start up, -1 block, +3 hit

This is all data from Super, but I believe none of this has changed in AE.

There are a few other differences worth noting between the strengths. LK Legs is the slowest version of the move and has no forward movement. MK Legs is slightly faster, and also has no forward movement. HK Legs is the fastest version and has about two and a half small lines (training stage) of forward movement (compared to EX Legs’ six and a half).

I’m not sure how it works, or the exact frame data for extending legs into different strengths (although I’ve always been curious), but I do know that extending HK Legs into MK Legs gives you +7 on hit. It’s pretty hefty on block advantage as well, although I don’t know the number. I’m guessing +3 on block.

To extend legs you only need 4 inputs, so you can easily input it hk~mk~lk, mk

you know I never thought of piano-ing the MK extension for the HK legs. I always tried to jam on the MK button to get it to come out… but that would sometimes mess up my timing for the sweep after (or the legs loop if its a meaty hit)

^this! Happens to me all the time. I’m going to try pianoing it tonight in the lab

I thought it was 3?

What inputs do you guys use for cr.lk, cr.lk, ex legs? Do you piano it, slide, or mash it? At exactly what point do you start the ex legs input?

To be honest I mash it to make sure it comes out, I don’t wanna be fancy and do

I really do
:lk::mk: (Until it comes out)

Wait, does it only check the fourth input for the extension?

That’s news to me, although I will be very happy if that’s the case.

AFAIK. This is why you can mash :lk: x4 and then tap :lk:+:mk: and EX legs comes out. I see no reason that extending legs should work any differently. The game cares about the final input in just about every case: QCF doesn’t determine what strength of hadoken, the punch that you press after that does (though to be fair, this doesn’t involve multiple button inputs).

Yes only the last input matters on the extension, just like with regular Legs and EX, the moves strength is determined by the input that triggers the move (or in this case the extension)

Do i have to time it?
lets say i go for c.rh punish:
c.rh ~ mk ~ lk ~rh ~rh (my piano) delay for a little bit rh ~ mk ~ lk ~ mk and that it?

Well, not to be nit-pick-y, but if you starting with cr.:hk: you will sweep your opponent and cause a hard knockdown. The legs may come out afterward, but it won’t do you much good!

On-topic, there is timing necessary, but it’s not like an SRK or anything. You just need to press the button(s) four times within a certain time frame (I’d wager about 20 frames).

c rh = close rh

Nine times out of ten my =clears his throat= “corrections” are me not knowing how to read correctly. Whoops! :sweat:

Don’t worry about that too much Dagon, I’ve been in these forums for a while now and I still can’t tell the differences between terms like rh, fierce, short, long, jab, forward, backward, etc… I am not an American so it can be hard to remember what each of those terms are supposed to mean. Is “forward” meaning lk/mk? Or literally meaning motion forward? I’ll never know lol.

This is why I like to use cl.HK and cr.HK lol.

Usually, forward means :mk:.

Yeah it’s weird

Forward is the :mk:
towards = :f:

This dates back to the days when SF2 cabs had the different button strengths all labeled on their own instead of using a system like LP MP HP LK MK HK lol.

LP = Jab
MP = Strong
HP = Fierce
LK = Short
MK = Forward
HK = Roundhouse