Differences between MadCatz TE sticks?


I really do hate to be “that guy”, but after searching the forums I was unable to find a solid answer. So rather than scour pages and pages of topics, I’ll take the lazy route and just ask:

Are there any real differences between the MadCatz FightStick TE Round 1, Round 2, and “S”? I mean, aside from aesthetically - artwork, case design (the S is smaller, no? Sides, or “wings,” are gone?) that noise. I’m talking hardware-wise.

I ask because of ReyArt’s posting of the sale on 360 (and PS3) TE Round 1 sticks and, being the tightwad that I am I’m going to buy this once my tax return comes in. However, if I’ll be at a disadvantage hardware-wise then I’d rather spend the few extra bucks for the newer genuine article.

Thanks in advance.


They’re all pretty much the same. Round 1/2 are exactly the same cept’ for color & art, and the “S” edition just takes makes it “slim” (yet the face is still the same size, hence why all of Art’s plexis will still fit, even full sized panel plexi.)

Hope that helps.

They’re all sanwa parts. They can all be replaced the same as far as I know, pretty much exactly the same cept’ for aesthetics like you though.


Awesome, thanks a ton for the speedy answer.

Yeah, I’m not one to care too much about the aesthetics. I’d probably say one day, “This artwork… I should change it,” then proceed to forget and never change it. :rofl:

But so long as the parts and button layout are the same, I’m sold. :smile:


T.E. “S” has a new PCB that allows you to lock the Start & Select/Back buttons as well as the Home and Turbo. The new PCB should also address any issues with the old one.


My TE stick is in the shop now and the person on the phone at MAdcatz mention something about a PCB, I dont’ know what it means but he said they were waiting on new shipments for them before they start working on it. My problem was the two buttons or stick would stop functioning and would only work until after I unplug then replug the stick in my xbox360. It was getting annoying and I sent away for it. Im playing on the crappy madcatz fightpad and im losing to some serious bull crap since my moves don’t come out at will.

I miss my stick. :frowning:


^Try to see if they could just stick in the PCB from an “S” in it.