Differences between SFIII and CvS2

I’ve been playing CvS2 for quite a while now and have decided of late to polish up on my SFIII. However, I was hoping somebody could answer some questions for me because I have the feeling there are fundamental mechanics in this game that differ.

  1. Do meaties always beat wake-up normals, specials and throws or do certain moves have invincibility on startup? If some things do have invincibility frames, how do you know which and where could you find this information out?

  2. How long do you have in terms of a window to cancel normals into specials? I see chun taking an hour and a half to cancel into her SA and it always seems to connect. Is there a huge difference in cancelable frames in this game? Cancels in CvS2 are really tight sometimes and some moves even have certain animation frames which are cancelable while others aren’t. Is there a source where I can look up cancelable frames or just frame data in general? (CvS2 has a very nicely done guidebook with game mechanic and frame data. I was hoping SFIII had one too)

  3. In terms of damage scaling and juggling, how do you know how much damage reduction occurs off juggling? I see dudley juggle chun like 6 times but don’t really understand how the damage is effected.

  4. In CvS2 we use f+p/k throw commands but in this game it’s lp+lk. Do characters have more than one throw and how do you execute them? Also, is the frame data on the throws the same on differing throws?

  5. In CvS2, supers stop time and cause any inputs done before or during the super flash to be completely void. Does that happen in this game and do you have to tap forward before the super flash for a parry to come out? In CvS2, if you don’t input the JD/Parry command before the super flash, you’re almost guaranteed to eat the super if you’re standing close.

  6. In terms of red parrying, can you only red parry once or can u do them infinitely? Example is chun tries to hit you with her SA for chip and you block 2 hits then start parrying with red parries. Can you only red parry once or can you go from red parrying to just constant parrying?

  7. Do parries freeze time? In CvS2, JD’s modify frame advantage and parries negate block stun but don’t really freeze time (there are exceptions)

Sorry for the giant wall of text but understanding this info should help me out a lot in picking this game up.

Only one I can answer and be entirely certain, you can parry beyond the red parry. So yes you could block the first hit, red parry the next, and continue to parry beyond that. You could also do things like red parry, block, and then red parry again. (I don’t know why you would but you could.)

cvs2 has snk characters

oh yeah, and mexican people PICK those snk characters

so in cvs2 you tend to see more king and athena players than in 3s

Pretty much, but there some moves with invicibility frames. Not a lot though.

you have a very big window to cancel most moves. IDK about frame data as detailed as what you’re asking about tho

there isn’t a whole lot of damage scaling in 3S game because combo potential isn’t that big. Edit: there are some supers that get scaled down depending how you combo into them. For an example, Makoto first super is scaled down a whole lot if you combo into it off of a command grab. Yun’s SA3 juggles are scaled down a bunch as well.

every throw in the game has 2 frames of start-up, one active frame, and around 30-ish recovery frames if it whiffs. every character has a different throw range. you can do different throws depending on which direction you press with the LP+LK, if any at all. That doesn’t mean they have more than one throw tho. Chun-Li has just one, while Ken has three.

When you are thrown, you have 5 frames to input LP+LK to tech out of it.

Also, Oro, Ibuki, and Chun-Li have air throws.

not the case in 3S. all inputs still count during the super flash. You can buffer a parry, another move, or even charge a move during the super flash. Urien’s often do the Aegis reflect move, charge DB during the super flash, and immediately do a knee drop after the super flash.

yup. you can parry as many hits as you like during a combo, unless you eat a hit.

nope, they just freeze the parrier and the person/fireball parried

all you have to do is play the game, its not like your picking up Guilty Gear or something, even guilty gear it took me around 2-3 days to really understand it.

all your questions were pretty much answered. Except i’d like to clarify a few things. Feel free to disagree.

I think 3rd strike damage scaling is much greater than CVS2 damage scaling. Can any pro cvs2 players confirm this? I played it quite a lot and i’m pretty sure damage scaling is worse in 3s (meaning scaled earlier/easier)

This isn’t correct. Super animations in 3s freeze time as far as animations and inputs go (aside from some glitches where projectiles and special to super cancels mingle and cause no freeze). YOu can’t input anything during a super animation but you can still maintain any inputs from before the animation. If this were the case, you’d see a lot more Raging Demons after an opponent has finished the super animations. Example, to parry low MK into super (Ken SA3), you tap down, and then you tap forward before the super animation.

THis is true but i think he meant can you parry red,red,red,red,red,red and the answer is no (if that’s what he means). You can only red parry when you cancel your blockstun with a parry. If you do consistant parries, it would be: block, red, blue, blue, blue, etc…

the only way to do consistant red parries is block, red, block, red, block, red
and keep in mind that you have to be in block stun. So you cant just red parry any 2 moves.

not really sure what you meant here so I figure i’d clarify. Parries allow you to take no block stun and no damage for the attack. I wouldn’t really call it ‘frame advantage’ because no block stun is really what it is at the most basic level (and more specific). A parry puts your character into a new animation. This animation has to complete before you can execute a move. Granted, the animation is extremely short and you cant cancel it with anything except a parry or block. <-- i’m like 99% sure this is how it works.

I dont have frame data or anything to give you. Just godly experience and a lot of testing with various different situations. Lemmie know if it helps.