Differences between shotos


I know I have a lot of question but there’s four shoto in the game with almost the same move : Sean, Ryu, Akuma and Ken.

What’s the differencies between the move they have in common ?

Like the sweep, the c.mp, the close HP ect… ? Could someone list them for me ?



its fine to have questions but this is the kind of thing you can learn on your own.


That site has everything you would want to know.


many many many differences.
even moves they share are often actually pretty different as far as exactly how they operate.


For instances, I know Sean dash is longer than other shoto and Ryu’s sweep is better than Ken’s.

Rest I don’t know.


Gouki is the best one, he is also the only one that isnt boring.


One fun bit of trivia: Akuma has the best Shoto sweep. Even if it gets blocked, if anyone tries to punish it, he can cancel out of that blocked sweep into Demon.


Gouki can cancel sweep? What?


Yeah, Akuma can cancel everything into demon
Whiffed sweep into demon is a legit anti air


Aside from supers, the way you attack is completely different with each…
There are far too many differences to go over each of them in a single thread without writing something the length of an article.

To just point out a few things, each character has their own unique moveset and normals.
I’m not really counting Sean, because he doesn’t have a fireball. He wears a gi and has an uppercut… Might as well call Dudley a shoto at that rate.
So all 3 have Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Tatsu, and all 3 have different properties on each.
Ryu and Ken’s EX hados are different, and Akuma has no EX.
Ryu’s Tatsu causes knock down, Ken’s is a multi-hit that doesn’t alter their state, and Akuma’s lifts them up for a juggle
Ryu’s DP is more vertical, Ken’s is wider and can be juggled (faster), and Akuma’s is somewhere between both. Ken’s HP also has that fire effect.
Unique moves:
Ryu: Side step kick, gut punch, collarbone overhead, useless target combo
Ken: Axe kick, step kick (and feint), REALLY GOOD target combo, and that mk anti air.
Akuma: Air fireball, red fireball, karate chop, demon flip and variations on that. Akuma also has 2 additional supers that can be used no matter which SA you select. (SGS and KKZ)

Akuma’s got a great sweep, low vitality, and huge mixups. You play him like a very rushdown-oriented mixup character.
Ken’s a rushdown shoto, but very linear in play. It’s like you play a good Ken, and you’ve played them all. Very few are truly innovative with him these days, but his tools are still amazing.
Ryu requires a lot of skill and zoning. Easiest of the three to learn, hardest IMO to master. You’re limited with your tools, so knowing how to select them in play is extremely vital.

All 3 have great dashes as well.

As for Sean, he’s got a lot of different normals, and that tackle. His uppercut sucks ass, his spin kicks are decent, his flip kick… idk… I’ve seen it used effectively at times, but I assume it’s really hard to use that well. Meh.

They’re all a lot deeper than this, but this is as much as I’m willing to write at 8:22am.


And by writing so much you keep us from having to do it if we were so inclined to help at length, right on. Then OP can read up, if he tries to go past what you wrote to ask a question you already answered, point him back there.

Akumas Target Combo is more useless.

Ryu’s is almost useless. So keeping it in mind as another tool, making sure you use all your tools, its for giving (1) Parry people something more to think about. Specifically empty jump 1 parriers. But they never stop 1 parrying or jumping on the onlines, so maybe it is useless…

Ken’s far Fierce is faster, but no cancel followup, still works. Akuma’s is angrier and is the 2nd part of the Target Combo. After hitting it, HK Tatsu will reach to pressure, as unsafe an idea that is. More for online? Guess not, people Shoryuken when they get hit…

Oh yeah and Sean Hurricane can be negative on hit!!


I disagree about ryu being the easiest to learn out of the three, also ken is the most universal character in the game, a lot of great kens have noticeably different styles


Its the “Legend of Blackuma” + maybe came from Japan, blackuma.co.jp <–Japan blackuma story doesn’t exist on the forums anymore. :frowning:

Gouki can play a lot of different cool styles just the same.


I’ve definitely seen good Kens played a variety of ways. anywhere between rushdown or defensive or somewhere in between. he’s a versatile character.


Thanks all for your answer. I do know the global difference for the shotos, i play the game for almost a year now. I should have wright my question better, sorry for this…

What I want to know is the difference between their normals moves. Not their special moves, i can figure it by myself.

What make Ryu’s sweep better than Ken for example ? Who has the best st.mp ?


Like vandarkholme said, you can cancel ANYTHING into Demon, even when whiffed. Why else do you think far HK xx Demon works?


If you’re just curious about frame data or hit boxes, ESN’s site has every answer you’d want.


ithink akuma = spinning kick, ken = shoryu, ryu hadouken and sean is hardwork.

the rest is self explanatory, isn’t it?


the technical term is “spinny kick”


Ok dude here is some help for you without me having to do all the work :smiley:

Below is a Gouki guide done by NicaKO. If you like the character its worth watching the whole thing unless you are already pretty comfortable with him. The relevant part for your question is from 13:22 to 23:30. He does a great comparison between Ken and Gouki’s low forward. It should give you an idea of how to qualify the differences between the shoto normals on your own. With this method and ESN’s site you should be on your way. Pherai’s post (#2) contains a link to ESN’s frame data site.


I’ve played a few games online of OE, so I am an expert

This is really easy guys. Shotos are identical except for their difference in strategies

Ryu - just throw fireballs and sweeps
Ken - jump rh, dragon punch (if unable to do the complex dragon punch motion, just use sweep instead)
Akuma - air fireballs and hurricane kicks NON STOP
Sean - super high lvl tip throw a basketball, then tackle for an instant un-seanblockable

Your welcome.