Differences between Xbox and DC MVC2?

Please be as specific and accurate as possible. It would be a lot more convenient for me to buy it for Xbox. But there are some differences between the versions. From what I could recall the Xbox version didn’t suffer from the same graphical hiccups that the PS2 version did. But it’s been a while.

Then buy it for XBOX geez.

DC is near arcade perfect.
xbox version has a lot of slow down.
they game seems to be slow and lag at some points

get is for DC hands down.
besides u cant customize the xbox marvel

Why did you bother posting? :wtf:

If it’s more convient for you to get it for XBOX then do it.

Common goddamn sense. Who directly goes out of their way to make things harder for themselves?

That’s like asking “Hey I need some sugar. I heard Publix has better selection than Winn Dixie but Publix is 2 hours away whereas Winn dixie is across the fucking street. Where should I go?”

i’d drive two hours if winn dixies sugar tasted like asscrack

Besides, in the last 5 years, has anyone even PAID for a Dreamcast Marvel 2? So, it REALLY is the easies one to to get.

It’d be cheaper to just get a dc + d/l the game~

Despite being more convenient, why would he get a version thats not arcade perfect? Would you play a crap, version of a game that you wanted to play?

I have it for xbox and pc and it just sucks dick on xbox because it randomly lags severely and sometimes characters are missing parts of their body:rofl:

But it’s Onslaught… I’m sure he won’t mind.

Uhhhh, are you sure there’s MVC2 on the XBOX? I dont think so.
I got all the fighting games on the XBOX, i dont see no MVC2.

Yeah there is MVC2 for Xbox Jimmy. I’ve seen it with my own eyes at Gamestop.

So anyways… as usual with MVC2…

The DC version is the best. This isn’t news. I mean we all,okay maybe not Onslaught, but we know this.


Danm, lol. Maybe its the thing that its been sold a long time ago that didnt pay attention to it. That, now that, ruined my day. Thanks Edge.

Oh BTW, DC version FTW.

Who the fuck are you again?

I’d like to know how much better one version is than the other.

Try searching.

I have never seen the XBOX version have any slow downs.

The xbox version apparently randomly lags, and sometimes characters are missing some of their bodies…

Whereas the DC version doesn’t. Put two and two together.
Common fucking knowledge of MVC2 DC version vs others is the DC is better. It’s just not everyone has a damn DC.

I don’t even play MVC2 and I know that. Reading does wonders does it not?

Really? People seem so accepting when it comes to avoiding the XBOX version.

It doesn’t work all I get is a white screen.

Who the fuck are you? Shut the hell up 08.

Any ways.

DC = 25-50
Total Control 2 Converter = 20 dollars. Hell you don’t even need to buy the converter if you have a green goblin stick.
CDR Disk = Not even a dollar
Time to burn Marvel = maybe 15 minutes.

Total price = 46 dollars or a little under 100 if you got ripped off when buying a DC and went with the Green Goblin instead of a converter

XBox = 50-100 dollars
MvC2 = 80+ dollars
Arcade stick = 30-120 dollars
Total price = almost 3 times more than it would be for DC.

DC version of Marvel = Arcade perfect
X-Box version of Marvel = Hot garbage for reasons posted and more.

Pretty simple really.