Differences between Yoga teleport PPP and KKK

Hi all ! I have few questions about Yoga Teleport PPP and KKK.

I know the classical differences between Yoga Teleport PPP and KKK, but I would like to have more details about the frames !

According to the frame data available on the Wiki, the KKK Yoga Teleport has less recovery frames, and most of all, has an invincibility property. Is that correct ? What about the Airborne version ? Is it safier to perform an IAT KKK to land the bnb ?

Have a nice day !

From what I understand, in Super the KKK port’s recovery was nerfed to be the same as the PPP port, but I’ve never noticed that reflected in frame data. These recovery frames only apply to ground ports, not air ports.

Thank you for the answer. and yeah, to be honest, I’ve never noticed any differences between KKK and PPP. But it’s written in the Wiki’s frame data, and I assume they’re up-to-date. Anyway, there’s no interest in TP KKK in front of the opponent, but I guess the escape version could be useful if the datas are correct

Fourch, check the SUPER street fighter 4 wiki, not the Vanilla.