Differences in 360s between Hawk and Gief


Can somebody elaborate on this for me? I can’t figure out why I used to be able to hit Hawk’s 360, 100% of the time, and now that I started to play Gief for a while, I can do Gief’s all the time, and I can’t do Hawk’s anymore. Pissing me the fuck off now… :frowning:


I can help you with Hawks 360. Try this…

There is slight pause in the timing of Hawks spin. The best way I’ve found to explain/measure the timing on this pause is to hit a cr. jab. ( here’s the trick ) wait until you take your finger completely off the jab button BEFORE you start your spin. Once you finish your spin, make sure you normal piano all three buttons. ( once you have the timing on hte spin down, you can start learning to negative edge them instead ) Try that and report back to me at once soldier.

A couple more tips in general…

I place my hand to rest on the bottom/left side of my pinky on my stick. Space it so that you can use your thumb and index finger to move the stick all the way to up right without having to move your hand at all. Use your fingers to spin the stck and NOT your wrists. Concentrate on making the same spin every time. No sloppy shit. First learn to spin one single way like maybe, from down back ( since most of your ticks will start here ) to back up twoard down downback. Again, once you learn to conect your 360s, you can learn other spins. ( negative edge spins and direction controlled spins for Gief )

Anyways, I hope it helps homie and the reason you have trouble with Hawk is cause he has mad jump skillz



Beans, you’re the man. When I get home tomorrow, I’ll let you know how i do with the spin.

Is the spin meant to be spun faster or slower?


It can be done both ways, fast or slow.

Another good tip for doing Hawk’s 360s is learning how to negative edge. Lets say you know Ryu down and walk to him and do a well timed cr.jab and he blocks. If you hold down all three punch buttons, do the 360 motion then let go of them you either a) Send him up to the sky or b)Sit in down-back, either blocking his reversal DP or the two of you sitting there.


Mixah you probably already know this, but just in case: Hawk has fewer pre-jump frames than Gief too. I think it’s like… 3 versus 5. Don’t quote me on that though.


hence why i jump more with hawk?

faster it is.


Correct. Zangief’s jump is 5 frames. So if you go for a 360 and end the motion upwards you have 5 frames to input a punch (or kick) command for Gief. With Hawk you have 3 frames or else you’re going airborne.

Also with Hawk in ST you should almost always be using negative edge or button up for your 360 command throws.

You can option select the command throw and end in defensive crouch or standing defense. This actually allows Hawk to have an infinite in the corner against some of the cast.

I believe Zangief also has a few more grab frames than Hawk. So if you set up a tick where your opponent is in block stun for X amount of frames, you can start your 360 earlier with Zangief as the last few grab frames will continue after your opponent recovers from hit or block stun. The timing for Zangief ticking into 360 are more lenient. With Hawk he has less grab frames, so if you input the command throw too early you’ll throw out an attack during your opponents stun, if the attack is fast you might force them to block, if the attack has slow start up then your opponent might beat you with a move even if they didn’t have reversal timing. But with Hawk using negative edge avoids all of this.