Differences in knockdown timing

Is the delay between a quick wakeup and normal wakeup standardized in any way or does it have to be calculated on a per knockdown basis? I’ve been calculating frame advantage off of various knockdowns against quick wakeup and was hoping it was a fixed amount of frames to add. Some rudimentary testing on normal wakeup timing seems to show the normal wakeup being in a range of 50ish to 60ish frames later than the quick getup depending on the move, and not a single value. Only been doing things by hand so far, and my timing does get a lot less consistent for a normal wakeup, so part of it is probably on me. Will probably add start using some TA to better test things eventually.

Also I haven’t really tested it extensively, but I figure back roll wakeup to have a consistent timing at least, which seems somewhere around 6 frames later than a quick wakeup?

@gilley has already gathered the advantage for most knockdowns. The difference between normal and back roll seems to be standardized.


Oh ok, that is a lot more up to date than some other stuff. I was thrown off because most things have 59 frames difference, but sweeps are only 49 frames for some reason. Cool to see the most of the data I’d come up with was more or less correct though. Some of the data there doesn’t seem to be correct either based on some things I’ve tested being possible, so it’s worth double checking too (though it could be a matter of how the + frames are being notated).