Differences in Light-Hard specials

I was using Rose and just learned that her lp soul reflect does something different than her mp soul reflect, which I thought was pretty cool. Does Chun have any differences in her l m and h specials?

mostly range and speed

Never actual damage, huh?

damage is a given, lp being the weakest, hp being the strongest, EX some extra properties


damage, startup, cooldown, range…ect you can check it out in the frame data:


Nice. Thx

check the super and vanilla pages of the wiki, those have very good info.

For Chun Li’s Super I think the differences are the most unique:

-LK version has 3 frames of invincibilty and comes out in 2 frames. Has limited range. This is good for blowing up loose fireball strings like Shoto’s cr. mk xx Fireball and I think pretty much all of them aren’t safe from super if they just do cr. mk without the fireball, so just bust it out. This also can punish Rose during her soul satellite ultra if you block something she does that’s unsafe. The extra invincibility frames allow Chun to go past the orbs and hit Rose, making the orbs dissipate during your punish. I found this out a little too late though. :frowning:

-MK has only 1 frame of invincibility and comes out in 1 frame. Not good for the above strategies, but it’s the only one that can punish most of the moves that are -1 on block (and more or less guarantees a punish for moves that are more negative frames on block). Goes a little farther than the LK version.

HK version has 1 frame of invincibility and comes out in 2 frames. Pretty much useful for covering the range that the other two can’t. Probably the easiest one to use when trying to chip someone out during a ground game if they start tightening up because they don’t wanna die.

Isn’t MK Super absolutely perfect for punishing cr.mk xx hadouken? Unless the hadouken is going to chip you out, in which case you need to use LK Super to go through it.

I still don’t believe MK Super comes out in 1 frame. I have tested it time and time again against moves that are -1 on block and have never seen it work.

It’ll trade if the shoto uses a fireball that’s too slow to completely pass her after the first hit connects. I’ve lost a match in GFs to this and ended up being mad salty, but I remembered the quirk about LK super. I use that version to avoid that happening. Unless you’re waiting to block the FB first and then punish with super, in which case MK super should be the best for that. I’m using LK super to go through the FB OR punish the cr. mk if they don’t throw a FB (be careful with distance here).

SnakeAes: It works, just not vs every move listed as -1. MK super was listed as coming out in 2 frames in Vanilla SF4, but I believe it had the same quirk to it as it does now. I remember when Ed Ma came on here and posted wondering why Chun Li couldn’t punish Boxer’s EX Straight rush punch with super even though it’s listed as -2. I tested every version of super and found out MK super is the only version that could punish it (Ed Ma said he never tried the MK version).

After Super SF4 was released and I tested reversal MK super against every move listed as -1 (because MK super got “changed” to come out in 1 frame), that’s when I noticed pretty quickly that it’ll punish some of the moves but not all of them. I didn’t know why this worked the way, so I asked Gilley back then. This was his answer:

…So there you have it. I have yet to update that list for AE, but I will eventually.