Differences in ps2/dc/arcade versions?

edit: found my answer here

claims of slight speed differences between dc and ps2 versions have been made but i cant tell the difference at all. the arcade version however is noticeably slower than the console versions and will probably fuck you up if youre doing harder 1-2 frame links.

i think they went with ps2 cvs2 because of crashing issues.

thats all i know of

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I finally believe the desert stage on DC CvS2 has slowdown issues, I had all kinds of problems with bison’s custom the other night.

i think its london.


and imo speed is like this

ps2 > cvs2 us/jp arcade = dc > cvs2 eu arcade

yeah i noticed the speed difference between the arcade and home version too.

it seems wayy easier to do rc electricity, rc hp crystal flash and 1-2 frame links in the arcade version.

If a minor speed really is the only difference (and it seems it is), hurr-f’cking-ay for a great job porting the game.

We just recently held a console tourney. Originally it was going to be all DC, but since there were only 2 consoles we did a couple of matches on PS2. It’s a VERY noticable different in speeds when switching from one to the other… PS2 is definitely faster; enough to mess you up on combos with strict timing.

Majestros did a test he said there was no speed difference…