I play as Yama in CvS ALOT. Still working out his priorities.

Anyways i need some advice on the area of effect for his Standing Grab super? And what it can counter. For CVS2 Yama that is, and for CVS if you got that info as well :).


In CVS2 The Super Gullutine (qcfX2 Lp/MP/HP) is best used when the opponet is jumping toward you or aleast in the air i perfer C-Groove do a lvl 2 Gullutine near the Corner then the Gullutine will will Bring him to the Corner then Connect it to a Lvl 1 Gullutine RIGHT AFTER THE FIRST ONE IS DONE
The Drill is mostly used when get the opponeet in the Corner or they got u in a corner

Ok now Yamas Combos simple ones
C.Lp C.lp XX Qcb Lk XX Qcb Lp/Hp
S.LP S.lk xx Gullutine

Use Serpent Slash on folks like Sagat and Vice and any body playing a mind game
I will put some more in later!