Different fall speeds while in hitstun?


I’m wondering if there’s a good reason that characters fall at different rates while in hitstun. Does this add to the game or make it better in any way? To me, it just seems like this makes the game’s combo system too focused character specifics. This is the one and only thing keeping me from playing this game more often. I decided that I wanted to use Filia and I go to learn combos(such as the corner ringlet loop) and then realized that I need to learn 3 or 4 different timings of said combos in a game with 8 characters. It’s the same deal for resets as well. I thought I had a great reset untill I learned it only works on cerebella.


It adds to the learning curve, but more than that I’m pretty sure it’s a direct reflection of the character’s normal physics.


Marvel 3 has character specific shit too. It’s no different than adjusting your BnB for Raccoon, or knowing that the Wesker assist doesn’t pick up short characters in the corner.

Skullgirls just happens to have 8 different weight classes. Deal with it.


it adds an strategy value, that way you need to learn your character and what you can andd what you cant do against the others, this goes of how to approach the matchup, what kind of resets you can do, and what combos you can do
mike likes GG, a game that has different weights for 25 characters (sort off), like sg, there are combos that you can do against all the cast, but if you want to do the more rewarding stuff, you need to invest time on learning your matchups and your character cpabilities


one thing that kinda bugs me in relation to the weight is that the ground bounces are lower as well. trying to get double for an OTG groundbounce after certain stuff is a nightmare. but yea the weight thing can take a while to get used to.


In the air , do all characters have a blue swirl that appears during air combos?
I am in training mode with Parasol, and after juggling in the air with her kicks this blue purply mist thingy appears, for a second.
I cant figure out its purpose?


The game will have character-specific combos regardless of falling speeds being faster.

Consider that in this game hitboxes are really REALLY close to the sprites. Also consider how differently people react to the same hits (Double getting hit with a standing HP compared to Peacock. Since the attacks are also very close to the sprites, there will always be the potential for character-specific combos.

That would be the game’s infinite protection system (IPS for short). If you do the same attacks to start a chain repeatedly the hit sparks change like you see, and the sound changes too. At that point if the combo continues the opponent can hit any button for an invincible burst that will push you across the screen, and the opponent is invincible until the moment he recovers from that burst. It forces you to vary the combos so that you can’t do infinite combos. It also works on the ground.


What’s interesting to me is that in real life, heavier objects don’t fall faster.

(lolscience in a video games forum)


Basic weight classes:
Lights: Peacock, Painwheel
Mediums: Ms.Fortune, Fillia
Heavy: Valentine, Parasoul, Cerebella
So heavy she is her own: Double

That’s like my rule of thumb but one could definatley argue against this, it isn’t perfect. One thing to note that not just weights, but heights are different. Valentine combos like a heavy probably because she is tall. Double is interesting because on the ground she is really tall but in the air she is very small.

If they add more characters, I really hope they just make them similar in weight class to one of the others. Right now I don’t know any character specific combos(well not ones I can do well) so it isn’t a huge deal, but execution can definitely change from character to character. Keep in mind that there are a ton of really easy to do combos for every character, even if they aren’t super high damage they can get you through beginner and intermediate levels.


Behind the matchmaking bugs, this is my biggest complaint with Skullgirls. Not only does it require me to learn multiple versions of everything (which will only get worse as more characters are added) but it also doesn’t make any sense physics-wise. Someone has compared it to doing combos on Rocket Raccoon in UMvC3, but it’s not even close to the same. A lot of combos against Rocket Raccoon don’t change, and when they do, it’s only against one character out of 50 so having to change your combo is a rare occurrence. In this game, every single time you start a combo you have to look at who it is, then quickly figure out which combo to use on them (probably out of four). It’s just a pain in the ass and I do not approve of the decision at all.


oh no you have to work when doing combos

one of the games that influenced skullgirls a lot was guilty gear, and coincidentally enough, there’s weight classes in that game.


Exactly. I don’t like having to do extra work when it’s both unnecessary and doesn’t make any sense.


It makes happy birthdays a lot less braindead and it encourages creating combos on the fly instead of just memorizing them in training mode. That’s reason enough for me.


It only “doesn’t make any sense” because, judging by your signature/join date, you’ve likely never seriously played a game where character specifics actually matter.

If looking at what character you’re comboing and remembering what combo you’re supposed to be doing is such a task, I’m curious as to how you remember any other matchup specific things. It’d be one thing if things were vastly different for each character, when, in reality, you can group your combos by character weight. One combo works on lights, a variant of that works on mids/heavies, and a separate one for double. For example, one of your characters, parasoul, only really has 3 groups to worry about: Cerebella, Double, and Everybody else. That’s it. Even then, that part only applies really to aircombos, your ground loops stay the same. Also, from what I recall, most of what valentine has to worry about is hitbox width when doing midscreen stuff, which, again, doesn’t end up being especially difficult to learn variations for.


Normally I don’t mind (as much, anyway) learning character specific things. It’s just the way it’s been implemented is illogical.

Characters having different hitboxes - makes sense.
Characters being launched to different heights - complies with physics.
Characters being launched to the same height but falling at different rates - does not comply with physics.

Although I don’t agree with character specifics in general (call me a scrub or lazy if you want), I would have at least preferred they took the second or first option rather than the third.


Fighting games in general - does not comply with physics.

And they do have the first option, every character’s hitbox is what it exactly looks like on the sprite.


They may not comply with all of physics, but at least they comply with some. I mean, gravity obviously still exists. I’d rather it had been implemented properly though.


Why are you arguing PHYSICS of all things in a FIGHTING GAME?

The only actual legitimate argument you have against it is that you simply don’t like it, and that is a matter of opinion, not fact.


I happen to like physics, and I would rather game developers follow the laws of physics properly unless there’s a reason for them not to. In this case, there is no reason.



The reasons for character weights have been clearly explained. You are just using the excuse of “physics” because it’s convenient. Go back to mvc3 if learning a couple combo variations is so difficult, or better yet, go play Virtua Fighter if your love for physics is so strong. Oh wait, that game has character specific combos too.